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Free Britney: Here’s Why Fans Around The World Are Petitioning To ‘Free’ Popstar Britney Spears

If your social media feed is full of posts from the #FreeBritney movement and you can't rate anything from the hashtag without context, we've covered you.


Recently, the fashion industry watchdog Diet Prada posted an explanation of the #Free Britney movement and revealed all the hideous facts of his will that are said to be prohibited from driving, spending his own money or marrying without his father’s consent.


The conservancy is a legal concept of conservatism in the United States, where the court appoints individual representatives of those who cannot take care of themselves mentally or physically.


In general, maintenance is granted to older adults with severe mental problems such as schizophrenia or dementia who cannot support themselves.


In the case of Britney, her father, Jimmy Spears, and a lawyer condone her property, financial assets, visits and professional negotiations.


So, Britney Spears, a popular 38-year-old pop icon, has legal control over her father and lawyer. She cannot make personal or professional decisions without your consent. She was reportedly unable to even hire her own lawyer.


I'm sure everyone remembers Britney Spears' general crisis as she shaved her head after separating from her husband Kevin Federline in 2007. Since then, the "toxic" singer has been under guardianship.


In 2008, Britney committed himself to the psychiatric ward twice, and after a second time, her father appealed to the Los Angeles County Supreme Court for an emergency "provisional preservation", which later became a permanent settlement for purposes of that year.


This means that Britney has been in this province for more than 12 years. According to court documents for 2018, Britney Spears' net worth is at least $ 59 million. Many of her fans believe that preserving them is only a way to take advantage of them.


According to Diet Prada, Britney's mother was commenting on #Free Britney posts saying she believed Britney was "stuck" with her father.


Fans thought there was definitely something fishy last year in April. Britney released the following video after booking her at a mental health center.

According to sources, every year Britney pays a total of $ 1.1 million to continue conserving. This means paying more than 100,000 to her father and a lawyer who cannot choose herself.


As an artist child who grew up to be an adult under legal guardianship, Britney never had control over her life. He was reportedly unable to post anything on social media without his father’s consent, driving or receiving visitors.


Britney Spears has a court date this month to review her guardianship, which will decide whether it is offensive or will continue in the future.