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Jio Glass Mixed Reality Headset | Wireless Audio | 3D Holographic Video Calling | Full Details

Jio Glass, a mixed-reality headphone, was announced at annual Reliance AGM 2020 on Wednesday. The headset is essentially paired with your phone to allow you to take classes, make video calls, and organize meetings in a 3D  holographic environment. Jio Platforms Tesseract has designed Jio Glass, and it is said that it already supports 25 mixed reality applications. The mixed reality headsets feature a comfortable design for comfortable use and a front camera. It has a large number of built-in sensors to allow users to share immersive content.

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Jio glass is lightweight and weighs only 75 grams. At first, it looks like an ordinary pair of sunglasses, but in some places, it is thicker to incorporate the necessary sensors and devices. It's basically paired with your smartphone and amplifies compatible apps in the augmented 3D world. The glasses are backed by a directional and spatial XR sound system that plays all audio formats without any wired accessories. As mentioned, the mixed-reality headsets are compatible with 25 mixed-reality applications in genres such as entertainment, learning, games, shopping, and productivity. Jio did not disclose pricing and availability plans for Jio Glass at the AGM.

The headset has an HD screen and there are holes in the frame for heat dissipation. The company claims that users can easily make calls using Jio Glass via voice commands like "Hello Jio, please call XXX and AAAA". Jio Glass allows users to make a 3D video call through which they can also share, discuss, and negotiate projects and presentations on a large screen. It is also possible to enable virtual interactions with the virtual 3D or even 2D avatar.

Jio Glass can also be useful for teachers and students, allowing them to meet in a virtual 3D classroom and conduct 3D sessions with Jio's Mixed Reality Cloud in real-time. Mixed reality headsets can allow for immersive learning as students can actually travel to the Taj Mahal or the Giza Pyramids in their geographic lectures. The company didn't go into much detail for Jio Glass, but now that it has been unveiled, availability details and pricing should be announced in the near future.

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