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How To Update Aadhar Card : Correction in Name, Address, Number, UIDAI

Aadhar card is an individual identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India on orders of the Government of India. This is done to establish the single and unique identification of every single person. It serves as proof of your address too. The biometric i.e. photography, fingerprint, iris scan and demographic information data of the residents are saved in a centralized manner and a unique 12-digit identity number is generated. It is made for everybody irrespective of the age that means even children as young as one year of age have aadhar cards because the whole sole purpose of it is identification. Unlike the Rashaan card, every member of the family needs to have a separate identity and hence each one has its own Aadhar card. The entire process of Aadhar generation is free of cost i.e. nothing is to be paid.
Recently news came up which asked citizens to update their Aadhar card. They actual up-gradation is only required for the children who were below 15 years of age when their Aadhar was made. The reason behind this is that the biometric data is considered final after the age of 15. Anyone who was above 15 years of age when his/her Aadhar was made does not possess any duty as a citizen to update their Aadhar cards.
 Now the question of how to update arises. So, here are the various methods of up-gradation available:


The self-service online mode offers the address up-gradation. Here the residents can directly place the update by requesting it on the portal. The aadhar number and registered mobile number are required to login to the portal. With the usage of OTP, the login will be completed. For completion of the up-gradation process resident needs to upload the POA(proof of address) documents which will be verified against the given data. POA includes documents like electricity bills, Ration Cards, Voter ID, passport, bank statements, etc.
PLEASE NOTE: To avail the online up-gradation services, one’s mobile number needs to be registered with the aadhar and if not then they will not be able to use the online means of upgradation.


A biometric update request is made with the help of an operator at such centers. The documentary evidence is collected by the one who is operating and later a verification also takes place. There are further three methods available in this assisted update system and those are as follows:

  1. Update Client Standard
  2. Update Client Lite
  3. Update through AUA Point of Presence

All three of them have a set of steps that starts from filling the application form, manual verification of proofs, entry of data into software by the operator, biometric authentication by a resident, operator’s and supervisor’s confirmation and lastly acknowledgement of receipts.

In the case of online means, you will receive a message in 15 days from UIDAI as your Aadhar is soon being updated or not.

In the case of offline means, 20-90 days are required to complete the procedure.

The arrival of the corrected/upgraded aadhar can take even longer than the above mentioned time span but the easy way out the online users is they can get their updated versions printed through logging in the official website whereas the offline ones need to wait and adjust with the previous one.

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