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International Women's Day 8th March 2020- I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights

For International Women's Day, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has taken some steps. The first initiative will be taken in government schools and colleges on this day i.e. 8th march 2020. In a list of activities released by MHRD for Women's Day celebration, the Ministry will start the initiative from government schools and colleges where it has suggested that girls will be designated as class monitors in all classes in schools on Women's Day.
Under the aegis of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, MHRD has issued some guidelines for schools and colleges. These guidelines are given for the celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. This year MHRD has decided a theme for International Women's Day  - 8th March. The theme is  -  'I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights'.
If we talk about the "The International Women's Day (IWD)", it is celebrated on 08th March every year in many countries across the world. The day is celebrated for women in order to give recognition to women’s achievements and their contributions. The celebration on this day also highlights their significance and contribution to the upliftment of society. By celebrating women's international day, we express our gratitude towards them.
This year on the decided theme "I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights" for women's day, the government has proposed to celebrate the day throughout the country along with media and a  publicity campaign from 01st March to 07th March 2020, in the run-up to the main event on 8th March 2020.
Although the first step in this celebration will be making girls class monitors in all the government schools for the day, it is not limited to that only. There are a series of activities that are planned, but these are not for schools and colleges, these other activities revolve around women achievers.
This year International Women's Day will fall on a Sunday so as decided by the State/UT, the scheduled calendar of planned activities can be observed on any day between March 1 and March 7.

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Here is the list of activities for International Women's Day to take forward the momentum of empowerment of girls and women through education -

  • The first step is to designate the girls as class monitors in all classes for the day in all schools. The day could be any day between March 1 and March 7.
  • Teachers are requested to observe the day's topic of study in different subjects - women achievers. Like in Social Studies subject, they should be taught women freedom fighters in national movement (1857 to 1947), 15 women members of the Constituent Assembly; in Science, about women scientists and discoveries/contribution made by them and in language, literature by women writers and poets, etc.
  • Special morning assembly: Talks on women achievers in different fields, role play, thought of the day, group song on women empowerment, award/recognition to the girl's students who have performed well in different fields such as academics/ sports, dance, music, arts social service and other novel areas.
  • Schools and colleges are instructed to invite any women professionals such as those in armed forces, police, aircraft pilots, locomotive pilots, aerospace engineers, building & construction, scientists, etc. Invitees will give some lecture or speech to inspire girls in schools and they need to interact with the students.
  • In Higher Education Institutions and Universities, Gender Studies Cell and UGC to conduct seminars on gender bias and stereotyping, gender equality and women's rights.
  • Schools and colleges are advised to facilitate some function in order to honor the women faculty members and staff.
  • Essay writing on prominent/inspirational women of the district where the school/college/ institution is located.
  • Educational channels like Swayam Prabha are asked for a special broadcast on International Women's Day on gender equality and women's empowerment through education.
  • Banner on International Women's Day on all Government websites.

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