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Womens FIFA World Cup 2019: The Most important in the history

Womens FIFA World Cup 2019: The Most important in the history

The 8th Women’s FIFA World Cup is proving to be one of the most prestigious tournaments in the history of football. Thus the women’s football has reached another level. This four week of the competition held in France is going to bring opportunity for thousands of women who want to make a career in sports.

The Women’s World Cup was started in 1991, and it was named as M&M’s cup at the beginning, but then it was changed to the FIFA World Cup. Although the level of Women’s World Cup was on infancy level till now, though it might be possible that France World Cup 2019 can prove to be a turning point. There will be a bigger audience this year, and numerous football fans are getting interested in the Women's World Cup this year.

In the year 1999, there were 90,185 of record attendance in the France stadiums, and it is an excellent record for the female sporting events. The stadium numbers might not increase much, but the TV figures are expected to rise in 2019. In the year 2015, the Women’s FIFA world cup attracted more than 750 millions of audience from all over the world.

Tickets for FIFA World Cup can break records this year

In the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2019, the tickets can break the records. The opening match was in Parc de Princes, and the finals will take place in the Stade de Lyon stadium. All the tickets of these matches were sold out within 48 hours of the sale.

Kelly Smith said, ‘It’s been an eye opener, just the attention that’s now on women’s football.`` She is one of the best footballers who has played for England and has made around 117 appearances for the year 1995 till 2014. She also said, “Certain nations are investing more resources. FIFA has opened up the tournament to 24 teams, so more nations are getting to experience tournament football. When I was playing, there were only two or three teams who could potentially win a World Cup. Now you could name six to eight teams who could potentially do something special at this tournament. And there are just so many cool stories out there of the women. There are a lot of social media campaigns promoting the players and teams. There's a lot more exposure and visibility now, which just didn't happen when I was playing.”

Reasons for Women’s World Cup Fame

There are several reasons due to which this year can be an essential part of the history of the FIFA World Cup. There has been a tremendous societal change as this tournament was the first after #MeToo campaign. The FIFA and sponsors are also raising their voice to make the people aware of Women’s football tournament. In the year 2018, FIFA also announced a Penta global strategy to ensure proper growth of the game. The government also said that it wants women to participate in an increased number all over the world by the year 2026.

The Prize Money for FIFA World Cup 2019

In the year 2015, the prize money for the tournament was only $15 million, but now it has been doubled to $30 million. It might seem nice if only one side is seen, but the prize money of the men’s world cup this year was $400 million. The Women’s FIFA World Cup deserve more prize money so that the women soccer players from different parts of the world get motivated to play the game.

The women should also get free accommodation and travel along with financial compensation and medical treatment. They also said that FIFA has agreed to negotiate on new rules and conditions for the World Cup which will be held after 2019. Thus, it will bring the Women’s FIFA World Cup to a new height.