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PT Usha- The Untold and Inspiring Story of Indian Athlete

India’s one of the most famous sports superstars, P.T. Usha is the lady who has showed that athletes can also bring glory for the country. Not only cricket can win tournaments and matches in the international innings but there are various other sports which should be recognized by people. She is the legend when it comes to athletics and hails from a small village, Payyoli from Kerala. She was born into a poor family and never enjoyed her life very much. She wasn’t able to live a privileged life due to the bad financial condition of her family. She was always passionate about sports athletics due to which she also earned the names, Golden girl and Payyoli Express.

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The career of P.T. Usha

P.T. Usha got recognition as ‘The Queen of Track and field’ in the year 1976 when she was awarded a scholarship of 250 rupees on the district level.  Her talent got noticed by Om Nambiar who was an athletics coach and he got impressed with her walking style and then he took the decision to coach her.  

She became a sporting star under the guidance of Nambiar and she also won a number of medals in several athletic meets in which she participated. In the year 1980, she started her international career during the Moscow Olympics and then she participated in Asian Games held in Delhi in the year 1982. At that time, she won the silver medal and made her country proud. PT Usha Indian Athlete got a total of 5 gold medals in the year 1985 in Asian Meet, Jakarta. In the year 1986, she proved herself once again when she won 4 gold medals and 1 silver medal. She also became one of the youngest Sprinters who competed for an Olympic event when she was just sixteen years old.

She is one of the most inspiring women and Indian athlete in India because only her achievements spoke for her and she brought the name of Indian athletics on the world map. She also silenced her critics by getting successful even after her marriage and giving birth to a child. Her hard work, perseverance, and patience talk a lot about her dedication towards sports. Not only she has earned fame and respect over these years but she has also given back to sports and schools.

Personal life of PT Usha

When someone wants to know the inspiring story of Indian Athlete, then the name of P.T. Usha can be declared because she has given amazing performances during her career. She got married to V. Srinivasan in the year 1991 and the critics said that she would never return on the field ever but she came back even after given birth to Ujjawal, her baby boy. She just took four years of break from athletics but this doesn’t reduce her speed on the running track. In the year 1994, she came back and won a silver medal in the Asian Games of Hiroshima. She finished at the fourth rank in the race of 400 meters in L.A. which is not done by any of the Indian female athletes till now.

Awards won by P.T. Usha

She has a number of diehard fans and her glory moments are infinite. She became the golden girl of India due to her international and national medals which made her country proud. She has won around 101 championships in her lifetime which include a total of 13 gold in the Asian Games. In the year 1984, she also won Padma Shree and Arjuna Award. Later on, she won the award of being the greatest women athlete. PT Usha Indian Athlete is a motivation and inspiration for every Indian lady who wants to be successful in her life.

She has won many more awards but she has won infinite hearts due to her achievements on field and track. She has been able to overcome all the challenges in her life. Even though she was not at a nice level financially during her early age but she got through it without adequate facilities. She also suffered from some health problems but she never let this come in her way of victory.  PT Usha Indian Athlete has shown how a small kid from a village can see dreams of becoming the world champion. No one was there when she started but she worked hard with full dedication and was become able to show her talent to the world. Now, she will be able to keep her place in the hearts of her fans forever and she will be remembered as a shining star in Indian history.

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