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7 Most Mysterious Cases In India That Left Everyone Awestruck

Is crime-thriller your favorite movie genre? Does crime news excite you a lot? There are several Bollywood movies which have been made on selected and merciless murder stories to catch the attention of the masses. Some became a significant hit while the Censor Board did not approve some.

It is tragic as well as an interesting topic to debate or investigate anytime. Besides what the media and the newspapers show isn’t enough, there might be more than what you know about the infamous murders happened in India.

If you are looking for murder mystery India here are 7 of them which you should definitely not overlook:
Jessica Lal

The murder mystery that became the headline ‘No one Killed Jessica’, back in April 1999 is the murder mystery of Jessica Lal. Jessica was an aspiring model who was shot dead. When onlookers were questioned, they denied the scene for which the judgments got delayed. Finally, the investigation results said that it was Manu Sharma, a businessman and the son of the Union Minister Venod Sharma, who shot Jessica dead as she refused to serve him liquor.

The incident took place at the Tamarind Court restaurant at South Delhi. This incident is still known as a nationwide protest from people of different religion and class. The Delhi High Court took the case with lifetime imprisonment of the suspect.

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The murder case of Pradhyuman

The trial took place when a second standard kid named Pradhyuman was found lying dead at the bathroom of Ryan International School of Gurugram. The kid was located on the bathroom floor with blood all over and a slit throat. It was known from the post-mortem reports that t the cut was so grim that the kid could not survive for more than a couple of mins. The case was inspected with the bus conductor as guilty and was imprisoned. The school’s security was questioned for having such loopholes and weak safety of the children.

However, the bus conductor backed out from his prior confessions that lead the case to an unsolved murder India.

Sheena Bora

If talking about a very imbrued murder case in India, then the Sheena Bora murder case leads the chart. The death of Sheena shocked the nation when her mother Indrani Mukherjee was arrested for adamantly plotting the murder. While the suspected mother never claimed Sheena as her daughter but sister, investigation spotlights the fuzzy financial dealings of Indrani and her husband Peter which led the murder case into a different turn.

It is suspected that Sheena got to know about their dealing for which she met such a fate, but the case remains as one of the most mysterious cases.

The death of Sunanda Pushkar

Businesswoman by profession and personally, the wife of the former Indian politician and Diplomat, Shashi Tharoor – this was how Sunanda Pushkar was known till she was found dead at a hotel room of Delhi’s Leela Palace. Her husband informed the police when he discovered that Pushkar was sleeping for an unnatural span and wasn’t waking up.

It is assumed that the murder had some connection with her virtual fight with a Pakistani Journalist Mehr Tarar when she accused her of stalking her husband on Twitter. The post-mortem reports from two different firms claim the death as a suicide and a drug overdose, followed by injury marks in the body, but the truth remains foggy.

Amar Singh Chamkila

Till date, nobody knows anything about this case. The case remains an unsolved murder case in India. Amar Singh Chamkila was a legend as a stage performer and in the music industry. The fearless Pubjabi rebel was shot dead by a band of motorcyclists in open daylight.

Amar was the voice of Punjab as he sang his songs about the drug abuse, alcoholism, extramarital affairs, and other social activities, precisely the way he has seen the villages of Punjab. Even on the epitome of his career, he was repeatedly threatened by the Khalistani militants because of his revolutionary lyrics and his love in the common mass.

Mystery in Rajiv Dixit’s Death

Rajiv Dixit was a social activist till 30th November 2010 when he passed away. If you consider the politics of the modern era, you will be killed for speaking the truth and so happened with him. He spoke on issues such as liberalization, globalization, and privatization and drew equations of them with modern-day colonialism. He knew that 80% of the taxes that the commoners pay are used for filling the stomachs of politicians and bureaucrats with the remaining 20% for developmental purposes of people and the country. He was very active in protesting for farmers’ rights.

He died in 2010 for cardiac arrest, but interestingly no post-mortem was done. His body became blue-black which indicated, but no satisfactory proof was found. Even, the whole of the media industry remained silent in this case.

Rizwanur Rahman

A mid-class graphics designer who loved and married Priyanka Todi, the daughter of the famous industrialist Ashok Todi - all are now past. The problem arose when Father Todi got to know about their marriage and compelled him to send Priyanka to her father’s home. Being highly disappointed and ashamed of their relationship, Ashok Todi tried to separate them and did not allow Priyanka to speak to her husband, Rizwanur.

The news spread like a bonfire when on 21st September 2007, Rizwanur’s body was found from a railway track of Kolkata. The incident was covered by higher authorities with a tag of suicide but took an honest turn with police and media interference.

In May 2010, the Kolkata High court declared the case as a murder and not a suicide. From now to then, investigations are still under process.

Apart from these murder stories, there are many more which Indians have seen, heard, or some have witnessed. In some cases, the criminals got life imprisonment while others stayed unsolved.

It will be a great day when all injustice is punished according to the constitution and justice prevails despite the criminals belonging from powerful or influential backgrounds.

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