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here come 13 best gift ideas of baby shower that will create smile and joy

Nothing can be so great to feel like the feeling you are going to be a mother. One feeling is enough to change the world around you.

Be you are a corporate lady or a homemaker – the experience to become a mother is just like you are in paradise.

According to tradition, a baby shower cannot be hosted by the to-be-parents or by the family of to-be-parents. Only the friends or members of the distant family can arrange the baby shower event – it is to specify that the to-be-parents are not on a mission to amass gifts by the baby shower ideas. Though today’s to-be-parents do not pay attention to such rules and they throw the baby shower party to celebrate their paternity with joy and excitement.

Gift Ideas for Baby Shower for Babies & Moms

Now, if you are the one who has got an invitation to attend the baby shower, then it is really important to choose the best gift for the becoming mother. Baby shower mom gifts are certainly different from regular gift ideas. You cannot just buy a flower vase or a beautiful dress or home décor or blah blah blah for such cute and dear moment. You need to come up with baby shower gift ideas that are unique but adorable. If you are unable to find gift ideas for a baby shower event, then this piece of content can certainly help you to find the best for you according to your budget.

Let us have a glance at the baby shower gift ideas for new moms and newborn babies,

7 Ideas of Gift For Newborn

A cute and Versatile Baby Monitor:

This cute monitor not only records videos of the baby but also audios. How would it be for new parents when they can listen to the first sound or word made by baby? The monitor also acts like a night light and plays the lullabies and so on. It can talk also.

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Functional Diaper Bag:

You can easily avail such bags from online or offline stores. The bag is waterproof. Hence, it can be used during fall season. The bag has come up with extra storage. Thus, it can be a great gift for a becoming mother to carry the belongings of her newborn baby.

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Adorable Sets of Swaddle Blankets:

When you want the baby to stay happy and comfy, you can gift the set of three swaddled blankets. These blankets are adjustable. Hence, her baby can move freely and stay comfortable. Choose the color and pattern you feel adorable.

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Baby Blanket with Stuffed Animal:

When you are unable to decide which is best between a baby blanket and soft animal, you can go for both. You can present a baby blanket with a stuffed animal in one.  

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Welcome Home Baby Set:

When you are looking for a perfect baby shower gift, you can choose “welcome home baby set”. The gift set consists of cap, jersey cardigan, bodysuit (short-sleeved, easy to put on and put off), and footed leggings. The whole set comes in cotton fabric and is just perfect to give a comfortable feeling to the baby. You can pick the color you want.

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Stylish Jacket to Her Baby:

You can present a stylish yet warm jacket to her baby. Not only it will look great on her newborn baby but also the snap fastening and wrap silhouette features will keep the baby warm and cozy.

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Go for a Soft Lounger:

When you want to gift a soft and organic lounger to her baby, you can go for organic baby lounger. It will keep her baby relaxed with the cottony wrap.

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6 New Mother Gifts On the Baby Shower Event

Comfy Fleece Robe for Morning & Evening Time:

It is a baby shower event but it does not mean that you can buy a gift for the baby who is coming. You can certainly buy a gift for the becoming mom too. Then how is about a fleece robe? Yes, a fleece robe can be a great gift for the to-be-mom to feel her comfortable and cosy after a bath that she adores to wear. It is one of the best mother gifts on a baby shower event.

Skincare Kit:

If you are going to buy a gift for your loving sister or friend who becomes a mother and she is beauty conscious, then you can gift a skincare set to her. It will not only take care of her look during the pregnancy but also protects her from skin problems without any side-effect. Let her feel the same gloss and glory on skin that she usually wishes for with the new mom baby shower gift.

Scented Candle:

No doubt, motherhood is a great journey of a woman. But it experiences mixed feeling to the to-be-mom. Sometime, to-be-mom needs something more relaxing and soothing that help to keep her calm and cool. Scented candles are such gifts that can fill the room of a becoming mother with a pleasant aroma and rejuvenate her every time.

Teething Jewelry:

Looking for the best ideas for mom gifts baby shower? Then look no further but choose the stylish but organic gift item for the to-be-mom. natural teething jewellery will add a new and unique style quotient to new mom’s persona and it will work also as teethers.

Gift Certificate:

You can simply buy gift certificates for to-be-mom from an online store or a local store. It will give the chance to the to-be-mom or to-be-parents to buy the things exactly they need.

First Year Photo Frame:

It is not a gift for a baby but to capture every moment of the newborn. The first year photo frame helps newbie parents to hold every moment of their newborn as a keepsake. The frame comes up with 1to12 numbers and it helps the parents to frame photos of their baby every month.  
Thus, if you are taking preparation to attend a baby shower event soon, then these handy as well as sensible gift ideas for baby shower will certainly help you to choose the best one.