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How To Take Care Of Your Body When You Are Growing A Beautiful Baby Inside You

When it is the pregnancy time, you need to be healthy and fine. You need to put in many healthy foods to prepare the body for being pregnant and recovering after giving birth. Giving birth to a child can led to many changes- hormonal as well as physical in every mother. Even during pregnancy, a mother needs to take care of the body and the growing baby inside for a healthy life ahead. A healthy mother can only be able to give birth to a healthy baby. Now, who does not want to have a healthy baby? Hence it is very important that every mother should follow proper suggestions for having a healthy pregnancy

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How to develop a mind for a healthy pregnancy?

If you and your partner have decided for a child, then your body needs time for preparing for the baby. Every mother needs to take care of her diet and foods which will be a key source for the nutrients in the body.  Being healthy during pregnancy is a very important thing and that can led to a healthy birth of a baby. We will first guide the new mothers with healthy diets that should be followed before and during pregnancy. Diet is very important and it gives the body all the strength to carry another life inside them.

What is all about pregnancy diet?

The pregnancy diet is nothing but all about a balanced diet. Among the 5 categories of the food- carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, one should take the proper amount of each of them. Among them, the protein is very important as it can help in the proper growth and development of the baby. Hence lot of foods rich in protein like fish, chicken, legumes, eggs, milk, cheese need to be taken to fulfill the protein need of the body. Besides the protein, it is also important to have the vitamins and minerals too. Often doctors suggest taking medication for the vitamins for the growing baby and the pregnant mother. This helps a lot in case the mother is not taking sufficient vitamins and minerals from foods.

Diet sample to be followed during your happy pregnancy period

Next coming to the hydration of the body- drinking water is very vital. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water should be taken, this amounts to 2.5litres to 3 litres of water for the body. Coming to the food plan, a healthy and filling breakfast is very essential. Consider to eat healthy foods during breakfast as after the huge gap at night this is the first food that is taken. So it must be healthy one. After the breakfast, don’t wait for the lunch time. Instead take a fruit or some healthy snacks in between. This would help to fulfill the food craving at this time. When your body is preparing for a baby, you start feeling a bit extra hunger. But don’t eat for two but only the amount which will fulfill your hunger.

The lunch should include all the food categories – rice/ chapatti, dal or legumes, fish or chicken, sweet dessert or curd. Even green vegetable, fiber rich foods and fresh salads can also be included in the lunch. They are very good source of high rich nutrition. For the evening, opt for some nuts or some sprouts. A limited amount of caffeine can be taken. Extra intake of caffeine can be bad for the baby. Even in night at dinner, keep all the categorical foods included.

So this is all about the pregnancy nutrition which only talks about the proper amount of the foods at right time and right amount.

Here are some guides to be followed during pregnancy

For the new mothers, here are some of the pregnancy tips on health to follow:

  • Drink as much water as you can. It keeps both of you hydrated.
  • Includes proper amount of protein in diet.
  • Pregnant women should always be away from smoking and drinking. Even passive smoking can be bad for the baby.
  • Always be active during pregnancy. Practice yoga and other light exercises under the supervision of the trained personnel
  • Don’t forget to take the prenatal medicines. Even take the vitamins and mineral supplements, folic acids which are very important for the growing baby.
  • Read about pregnancy and educate yourself. Know about different symptoms and learn about them from different books or magazines. Educating yourself is a way of preparing your mind for the final month
  • Don’t ever stop the food craving. If you are craving for some extra sweet or extra spicy, take them sometimes
  • Include travelling as healthy part of the pregnancy duration. It would keep away the mood swings
  • Take proper care of the skin as it becomes sensitive while pregnant
  • Become fishy women as it can provide a huge amount of protein
  • Massage can be a good way to improve blood circulation to the baby.
  • Track the weight gain and be happy on the gain- your baby is growing.

Things that should be avoided

Besides the pregnancy tips on health, here are some more things to avoid during pregnancy:

  • Don’t ever make the mistake of wearing heels during pregnancy. Go for shoe shopping and buy some flattering flats for you.
  • If you are obese during pregnancy already, don’t ever take risk of cutting calories than the normal during pregnancy.
  • Don’t take tension or any mental pressure.
  • Don’t eat any rotten foods or unhealthy street foods too. It can cause food infection.
  • Don’t eat half boiled or raw cooked foods. Properly boil or cook foods before eating
  • High dose of multivitamins can be harmful. So ask doctors before taking the dosage
  • Always sleep on your side and not on your back.
  • Packaged foods should be readily avoided.

So these are the few basic tips to be followed.

Wrapping up

Above all these, rest and adequate sleep is also very essential during this time. Also the company of the good people and happy environment has a positive impact on the baby’s growth. Hence it should always be encouraged to be happy and fresh while being pregnant. Surely you will be a happy mother with a healthy baby.

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