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This Human Rights Day Pledge to fulfill your duties

What are rights without duties! One has to fulfill their share of responsibilities before asking for rights. Every year 10th December is celebrated as the Human rights Day across the world. Human Rights aim for a peaceful and respectable life for all. The day began to be celebrated 70 years ago to honor the UN’s   adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on 10 December 1948.  

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In India every individual has certain basic fundamental rights that are vested in him and if violated he can appeal in the court of law. These fundamental rights come with fundamental duties. Both are a part of the Indian constitution and clearly define the grounds of Human Rights in India. A s for our Fundamental Rights, we have seven basic rights-

  1. Right to Equality
  2. Right to Freedom of Expression
  3. Right to Freedom of Religion
  4. Cultural and Educational Rights
  5. Rights to constitutional Remedies

W e all wish for a better life for ourselves and the people around us and seek the fundamental rights as offered to us by the Indian Constitution. But we must also focus on the duties that make us a responsible citizen of the country for which there are certain fundamental duties mentioned in the Constitution. The fundamental duties were increased from ten to eleven by the 86th Amendment in 2002. The additional duty added a duty on every parent to ensure that their child is provided opportunities for education between the ages of six and fourteen years.   There is reference to such duties in international instruments like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Convent on Civil and Political Rights and Article 51A brings the Indian Constitution into compliance with these treaties.  

Following are certain duties that we all must follow before asking for rights. It should be our duty to-

  • To preserve the rich heritage of our culture and do not hamper our ancient monuments and buildings- India has a rich cultural heritage. Our ancestors have built some world renowned monuments but several times we tamper or scribble on this monuments. Unless there are certain fine imposed or a strict check being imposed by the officials many Indians continue to write on the walls of these beautiful monuments that hampers the rich heritage of our country. It is the insensitivity of Indians towards their own culture that leaves them unaffected of such things. But it is our duty to preserve the best for our future generations.
  • We must preserve our natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife and live with compassion towards other living creatures. Every being is equal and must be treated with respect and integrity- Not just at the national level but even at the international level, energy conservation is a big debate. There was a time when we had ample natural resources but with time these resources are fast depleting and we must take steps to conserve them. We humans are particularly self restricted and think about our own good more than the bigger good of the community. We need to stop focusing on our personal gains and focus on preserving the environment for the future generations while respecting every creature that has equal right to be a part of this big world.  
  • We all must indulge ourselves in scientific expeditions, humanism and inculcate a spirit of inquiry and reform amongst ourselves- Illiteracy is one of the major reasons why major population of the world is unable to participate in the development of the world at the educational or scientific front. Even those who are capable lack due to the limitations of resources like poverty and neglect. Specifically speaking while some women have proved their mettle on the intellectual front many Especially in the Asian countries remain behind the closed doors living a miserable life.
  • We must not damage the public property- It is for use to use and we must use it wisely and at all times abjure violence. In the western countries there are strict rules that are followed by all during the use of public property. But in several countries it is the lack of rules and also a lack of responsibility that people continue to damage the public property. Strict fine and rules must be implemented to prevent any damage to the public properties, like buses, trains, public toilets, hospitals etc.
  • All the parents and guardians must provide opportunities for education to their child of the age between six to fourteen years- Right to education is a basic Right but the people in many nations struggling from poverty and hunger, can barely think of sending their kids to school. They cannot afford school fees or prefer sending their kids to work than to school so that they may earn some money for the family.  
  • We all must abide by the Constitution and value it's ideals and institutions and highly respect the National Flag and the National Anthem- Most citizens respect the National Flag and National Anthem but not all. Corruption, Theft, Murder, Rape such crimes are prevalent all across the world and while the government struggles to prevent them it seems unavoidable with the corruption in the legal system itself.
  • We must not forget the martyrs and always believe and follow the noble ideals which enthused our national struggle for freedom- Responsible citizens in every country abide by this ideology while many continue on their evil path. Strict measures must be followed at the international level to prevent terrorism all over the world.
  • As a responsible citizen of the country we all must uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of our country- It is the personal will of  an individual and one cannot be forced to do so. While many uphold these strong values some groups are against it and we all must work together to stand against them.

This Human Rights Day let us all pledge to follow our duties responsibly and strive for an equal world for all.