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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule by venue

Information About ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket World Cup was first organized in the United Kingdom in the year 1975. Women's Cricket World Cup was held two years before the men's world cup. It is to be noted that the nations playing tests get automatically qualified for the main event which is called World Cup while the rest of the teams will have to play among themselves to get through a specific series of qualifying preliminary tournaments. The system and the icc world cup 2019 groups selected by the ICC World Cup have changed through all these years. The qualifying system is called the World Cricket League which is administered and structured by the Cricket Council internationally. The qualifying system provides the cricket associations and players more opportunities. The name has also been changed from "ICC Trophy" to "ICC Qualifier ".

Format Of The Game!

According to the present Qualifying process, all associates, affiliated members, all teams get a fair chance to participate in the game, all the countries and their teams are treated equally with equal chance to win the cup for their respective countries. The Affiliated members and the respective associates of ICC must arrange matches between two and more stages to make them qualify finally for the World Cup finals, in this case, the division in which they are playing also plays a very crucial role.

Now the top 2 teams will be promoted to go to the World Cricket Champions League. The third and the fourth team will be playing for the qualifier round. The fifth and the sixth will be placed teams in the order of division three. The whole format of the World Cup has changed drastically throughout the history. The ICC has proposed this propaganda that in the coming cricket world cup which is in 2019, teams participating in the tournament will come down to 10 and then all the teams will be playing with each other in a round format once in a while, before getting qualified for the semi-finals. This same formation was used in the year 1992 World Cup as well.

The upcoming Cricket World Cup is going to be in 2019. The cricket world cup 2019 is Going to be the 12th time from the beginning of World Cup. The tournament is going to get hosted by Wales and England. The World Cup is going to begin from 30th May, and it will continue up to 14th of July.

Time and Schedule

If you are willing to be a part of the legendary ICC world but do not know much about it then you have visited the right place, all your worries are over. Here with a detailed study about ICC, you will get a thorough idea of the whole tournament. There will be 48 total matches going to be played in the entire event all across the country in 11 different venues.

With the declaration of the schedule, the 2019 cricket world cup venue is at the Oval, England. You will get to see which venue will be near to you. If you are coming your family, there are specific sites assured and secured by ICC that if you log in and get all the tickets for your family together, you will get special discounts and the children aged two or below that can attend the event free of charge which you will not be needing any tickets for them.

ICC has also made this assurance that the whole event stays alcohol-free hence it will be suitable for you if you are coming with your family. There is a lot of fun arranged for you except the game inside the stadium for kids to have a fun time with you and your loved ones.

The anticipation among all the cricket lovers is finally over because ICC has declared the dates of the matches which begin from May 30th and end on the 14th of July. The very important cricket world cup 2019 fixtures are discussed below. The first match will be between South Africa and England at The Oval, the second match on the very next day between Pakistan and West Indies, on June 1st the match will be between Srilanka and New Zealand along with this if you check the cricket world cup schedule 2019 thoroughly you will notice that the semi Final is going to be on 11th of July, The Reserve Day is on 12th of July, the very next day and Finale on 14th which will declare the champion team of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and which country is taking home the glorious cup with them.

Booking Your First Ticket

80000 thousand cricket world cup 2019 tickets will be available at a very affordable price to experience almost half of the group matches. The cards are going to be available for a concise period because the cricket lovers all over the globe are after the tickets , they also have the same wish to experience the matches live in the stadium so there is a possibility of tickets getting sold out pretty quickly so you just need to choose a trustworthy secure online site, from where you can register your name, details and other pieces of information along with from which country you belong and what citizenship you have.

Before getting into all these, you must be double sure that the online site you are checking is secure and legal to log in and share your credentials. Right after submitting the documents you have to pay for your tickets through online payment facility.

Celebrating The Game!

The best thing about World Cup is that whenever it comes in a year, it uplifts the mood of every cricket lover in the world, people celebrate on the winnings of their respective teams even if they don't even belong to that particular country. The fever of the World Cup unites a whole nation, and this is the time when caste, religions, discrimination gets neglected. People invite neighbors, friends, colleagues to their places to watch the match with them. They cheer up when a player turns out pretty well and even share the pain of losing together. The only con is that the tournament gets conducted after every four years, which is a pretty long time to wait for. Just because of this game the participating countries forget the cold war between them and gets united to spread joy through cricket.