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This 72nd Independence Day, Indian Women Are Still Awaiting These Basic Freedoms

It’s the year 2018 and 15th August is just a week away. This year we will be celebrating the 72nd Independence Day.

The society is preparing for the day celebration- parades, flag hoisting, telling many things about our independence and reminding about the people who are responsible for this.

So it’s a celebration that we will all enjoy with our Indian flag winding high in air!!!

But… have you thought about it deeply? Are you really independent?

Asks you and get the answer...

What answers are you having for these questions?

Here are some of the questions which you should ask yourself. It’s not at any gender basis. These questions are for all.

  • What about the safety of your girl whom you are sending to school with tension?
  • What about the safety of teenage girl who is a college- goer and come back late night after a part time job?
  • What are you thinking about your 25 years old daughter at home- her career or her marriage?
  • What are you thinking about your daughter- in law when she gave birth to a daughter this year?
  • What are you thinking about your child and your working wife?
  • Have you seen that your sister or your wife has been noticed by some creepy man when she is travelling?
  • Are you still participating in the rumors when you co worker who is a woman has got promoted instead of you?
  • Are you underestimating a lady who is not in the perfect body shape?
  • What about the lady in your society who is in her home after being attacked with acid
  • Is this the society that we should call as independent???


People talk about it but don’t think of change

Often we have seen people around us talking of many things- about the young generation, about the upcoming future, the finance sectors. They talk about it on trains, bus and other places on the neighbors. But it all ends up when the last stop came or the gossip time ends.

But why don’t we start from that end.

It’s high time to start!!!

Today among these gossips we would take out a very common yet swirling topic

Has our woman in the society has got the full independence???

Well, I would say NO, we have not gained the real independence still now.

Few basic rights women are still fighting for

Let show you up few points for this:

  • A compulsory thing for women: self-defence

We are living in a place which is unprotected especially for the women. It is a common fact now a days that we see men often has been interfering and harassing women. There is no age limit- whether it’s a baby girl or a sixty years old woman. Everyone is unprotected here. So the basic necessity for every woman is the SELF DEFENCE. When everything else fails, it is your own self who comes into action. It is now compulsory to learn self defence as a necessary thing to safeguard them.

  • Right to education

A girl who is eager to learn and go to school is being forced to get married. Again a fact that we have all been reading in the newspaper. We are having the right to education act which tells that everyone is having the right to get the basic education.

Then why are you forcing her to get married? She is not interested in it…

It is a scene of the villages and suburban areas. In metropolitan cities, we often get parents who are interfering into the career of their daughter not son. Why that should be done.

  • Right to lead your own life as per own choice. Its the worker’s right

Even after marriage, women have to make the career a secondary option. If she is having a child, then it is her sole responsibility to take care and then consider the career. Why that should not be thought about the men??? Why she cannot reach office by time when the husband is feeding the baby???

  • Killing of female child…women has to fight for their birth. Right to life

When we are adopting the culture of the western countries, we should be into their way of accepting the career of the women too.  Even the female infanticide is still common here. When there are countries where pregnant women are being told about the gender of their fetus, in India it is fully illegal. Why the birth of a girl child is not at all blessings? Still women are fighting for this.

  • Right to get equality in the society. Fair treatment by fair court

The society is getting alert now. They are protecting against the acid attacks and the ladies who are suffering had shouted loudly to get this change. But why a woman should not have the independence to choose their partner of their choice. Why they have to love a man whom they don’t love.

Well or you get the acid on your face.

  • We requires proper environment for healthy mental growth.. where is that for women

Have you been looking at the girl next to you in the metro who is attractive in the small skirt? Have you forgotten that your sister is also wearing such skirt when she is off to school??? So many guys are there who are also doing the same thing with your sister.

Yes, it is again a fact not an imaginary. Girls are still concerned about themselves when in the public transport.  And it effects their mental health situation. Yes. This basic right is also not being given to them still now.

There are many things… so keep on fighting

In the universal human rights declaration, there is a point with “Nobody can take away our right and freedom from us”

So why women would sacrifice all these things??

It is the society which needs to rethink about all this things.

But it is not going to change in one day. They have to shout out loud to get them. Well without demand no one is being given anything still now.

Finally we think it is again a war for independency

Do you remember the independence war with the British?

It was the time when everyone has to protest against them, they have to shout out loud to get independence. And even many has to sacrifice their lives too.

So still now though the country is free of the British, yet the women of the society are under the dominancy of the so called men ruled society.

Let’s take a vow to participate in this independence war of women.

But let not give it a tag of feminism. It’s not a right term for it.