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5 mistakes in Sanju we bet you not notice!

One of the most awaited movies of Indian cinemas, Sanju just hit the theaters and is applauded by all. The movie is based on the life of the legendary actor Sanjay Dutt. Apart from the script which has a lot of substance Ranbir Kapoor’s acting is being appreciated by all. Ranbir Kapoor totally proved himself as an actor and did justice to the role and was then loaded with positive feedbacks throughout. The film even got amazing reviews from critics like Taran Adarsh who wrote-

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½
Powerful... Engaging... Emotional... Compelling... Rajkumar Hirani proves, yet again, he’s a master storyteller... This one will be a MONSTROUS HIT.

Ranbir Kapoor... One actor... Multiple lives... Numerous awards... Ranbir’s act in #Sanjuwill wins him accolades, admiration, and awards... Deserves brownie points for getting into the skin of the character and living the part earnestly... A knockout, 10 on 10 performance!

Making a biopic isn’t child’s play, but Hirani and co-writer Abhijat Joshi encompass pertinent episodes from Dutt’s life to weave a spellbinding screenplay... #Sanju is an emotional journey... Goes beyond providing mere entertainment and emerges triumphant.

Ensemble cast shine in their respective parts... Paresh Rawal [terrific], Vicky Kaushal [outstanding], Anushka Sharma [good], Jim Sarbh [effective], Dia Mirza [admirable], Manisha Koirala [wonderful] stand out... #Sanju is plot-driven, hence songs are situational and fit beautifully in the narrative.”

Everything about the movie is so perfect but then again nothing and absolutely nobody is perfect in this world. So here are 5 spoofs from the movie we bet you missed.

1. The hospital scene with a wound on his head

This is the scene where Ranbir Kapoor is lying in the hospital due to the injury which he got as a result of constantly banging his head against the wall of the prison– in this scene it is very evident that the marks are very obviously on the left side of his forehead, whereas in the very next scene, the injury seems to be on the right side of his forehead when he is travelling in the bus.

2. The scene where Sonam Kapoor asks for mangalsutra.

A very popular scene even during the trailers is the one where Sonam Kapoor comes bashing inside the washroom asking for her mangalsutra. During the start of this scene, a cigarette is seen in Sanju’s (Ranbir Kapoor) mouth when Sonam comes inside. But in the very next instance, when Ranbir is shown to put a commode as a mangalsutra on her neck there’s no sign of the cigarette anywhere in his hand or mouth.

3. The gangster scene

In this scene where the actor who plays the role of the gangster in the movie, Sayaji Shinde starts firing shots at Ranbir Kapoor’s feet– during this scene, clearly, a white ‘lungi’ is seen over his knee. In the same scene when the camera angle changes the ‘lungi’ is seen below his knee after that. Magical lungi much?

4. When Sanju comes down from his flight

This is a very popular scene, where we see Sanju coming down from the flight only to see a number of policemen waiting to arrest him as he gets down. While he is getting down we see Sanju doesn’t cast a shadow on the flight stairs but in the very next scene when the camera moves towards the plane again, shadows are very clearly visible behind him. So was Sanju a ghost?

5. The comic scene where the director calls Sanju

The last scene to be shown in the trailer is where the director calls Sanju as everyone is waiting for him on the sets of his movie. During the scene when Mahesh asks Ranbir about where is he and the cause of the delay, while a red shirt man is seen to be standing behind him. In the next scene, the man vanishes and in his place, another man is seen wearing a brown t-shirt. That is what we call quick changing!
Regardless, the movie is a classic and if you haven't watched it yet rush to theaters near you!