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Fun facts about human psychology

7 incredible and fun facts about the human psychology!

The human brain is a riddle no one has solved completely yet! It is a very interesting and powerful organ which does not understand fully. The conscious and subconscious brain have a heavy impact on the brain. So here are 7 interesting facts about the human brain you might not have known before and will surely blow your mind. Have a look-

human psychology

Our attention span is no more than 10 minutes!

You think you can concentrate on work in hand for really long time? Well sorry to burst your bubble but according to studies, the brain of an average human can only concentrate for 10 minutes. After that, the mind begins to wander.

You can’t multitask

You often see many people bragging about how they multitask. Every now and then it is even mentioned in job requirements, but humans on average can not multitask! That means while listening to music and studying together you can only concentrate on music at one time and studying other times. You can only concentrate on work at hand at any given time. No one can think about two things at once.

We wish to read shorter lines but can understand the longer ones better

A contradictory statement, isn’t it? Well, we often tend to read a narrow passage but if you actually take time to notice you will read the one spread out better. Why you generally do not pay attention to this is because we tend to read shorter lines of text.

It takes you 66 days to form a habit.

There is loads of data to prove that it takes you 66 days to form any habit. If you want to be habitual to something like the gym, keep doing it for 66 days. The same goes if you want to quit any habit, like smoking. Try it consciously for 66 days and it will definitely help you get rid of it!

The type of music you listen to is how you feel about the world.

So, get rid of all those sad and melancholic songs and keep listening to rock n roll and add in some jive in your life if you want to be happy and positive in life!

Convincing yourself that you slept well, will actually trick your brain into feeling that you slept well!

Planning on pulling an all-nighter? Well go ahead and convince your brain that you did sleep well and it will function like you did!

Stress Cardiomyopathy is when someone dies due to heartbreak.

Yes, it is possible to die to form a heartbreak as well! Suffering from a break-up or lost a job recently? Do not take it too seriously and surround yourself with people who give away positive vibes.

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