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How to get your brain to focus on what really matters?

How to get your brain to focus on what really matters?

How to get your brain to focus on what really matters?

Think straight! Found yourself restlessly thinking about things that aren’t even going to happen or aren’t even real? Issues like overthinking have been taking rounds of social media platforms since a long time and it’s time we put our mind to it (That’s what we are actually here for). So jot down these points to master your intellect and not be enslaved by it.

1. Be Aware –

Make a conscious effort to realize that your mind goes into a “Default Mode Network” which is basically the mind’s default go-to state when you are not aware. This state mainly involved your Medial Prefrontal Cortex, Medial parietal cortex & medial temporal lobes. This networks activity is the brain’s baseline of processing and information maintenance. It is like practicing a way to make your mind aware of itself on a very baser level and understanding.

2. Work It Out –

Going for a run or 20 minutes of exercise can do wonders to your body and brain and help you tackle serious stressful situations and day to day conundrums that often tend to be lifechanging. Physical exercise just doesn’t make you look good but also creates new neurons, Increases blood flow and regulates hormones. Giving your mind a jolt of thinking fuel to run on. Better flow of nutrients to the brain helps your mind have better cognitive approach and a broader mindset as it gives you the energy to think about it.

3. Water –

70% of your body consists of water and your brain is well aware of it. Your brain’s working and functioning I highly linked to your body water levels. Daily consumption of water and fluid content can help in faster thinking and help your mind be more cool (Literally). Faster thinking, sharper focus and better creativity. Dehydration on the other hand can lead to various problems like mental confusion, irregular sleeping patterns and stress. So fill up your water bottles just before a session of brainstorming because you just might need it!

4. Write It Down –

Having a physical documentation of your thoughts can help to have a more clear and better view of your thoughts. Neat and organized form of information such as a listicle can help your mind focus on the important point and topics. Muscle memory helps your remember and retrieve information better and frees itself of buffer thoughts that cloud your mind. You will be able to focus on ideas better while writing down important information that you can always come back to. Illustrations like graphs and flowcharts can help your understand your ideas and also help others explain your ideas better.

5 . Meditation –

A very simple act of focusing on your breath can help your tame your mind towards better thinking and decision making as mastering the art of meditation and dedicating yourself just to focus for 20 minutes can have benefits beyond you can imagine. Improved brain activity can also help you become  more compassionate, happy and caring person . Changes in brain structure has one of the observed improvements due to meditation.