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Ajay Devgn: ‘Filmmaking is about entertaining & not social message’

Ajay Devgan, can carry any movie on his shoulders, irrespective of its subject, genre and come as a winner at the box office. Devgn riding high on the success of ‘Golmaal’ franchise is once again all set to play a dashing Government officer, but ‘without uniform’ this time, in director Raj Kumar Gupta’s social drama ‘Raid’.

Dressed in casual chequered shirt and denims, black glares covering those brooding eyes, Ajay was his regular, cool self when we met for a tete-a-tete on a sultry afternoon at a suburban 5-star. Man of few words, Ajay spoke candidly about the movie, his role and much more.


Ajay, ‘Raid’ is inspired on true events. Have you met the real officer on whom the movie is base?

Yes, off course! The movie is not only based on true events but on a real person. The ‘Raids’ and the reason behind them, it is an interesting thought.

How much research you have done for this role?

More than me, the people behind the script have done their research. We liked the story so much that we decided to make a movie on it. Ritesh (writer) made the first draft and then we got Raj (Director) on board. They have taken immense efforts on the script and story. I can’t take credit for their hard work.

What is your contribution towards the movie?

When you do a movie as an actor, that contribution obviously is there. Besides, with director Rajkumar Gupta, I share a wonderful tuning. He precisely knows what he wants. It’s all about team work and I try to contribute what is asked of me.


What was your initial reaction when you heard the story?

When I heard the true incident, I instantly thought of making a movie on the subject. There was no script at that time, so we started working on the script. The story is fascinating and has different layers to it. I really enjoyed working on it.

How was the experience of working with Ileana in 2nd film, after ‘Baadshaho’?

She is a very sweet girl. Her role is not ‘seedha sadha. Her character is the one which gives the needed push to the protagonist.

You worked with Saurabh Shukla earlier. What was different in ‘Raid’?

This is the first time we got the chance of sharing screen space this long. He is a brilliant actor and it was fun working with him. The film is based on the conflict between us. Many important scenes in the movie are between two of us, but they also have a humorous side to it.


The movie is releasing at such a time, when one such scam is making the headlines, Nirav Modi’s. What you have to say about it?

Scams used to happen earlier also, but thanks to media more people are becoming aware of it. There might be so many scams which took place in 80’s and 90’s, that till date we are not aware of. ‘Raid’ is also based on one such incident.

Your movies have the perfect combination of commercial aspect and social message. Is it a conscious decision from your end as an actor?

It just happens. Filmmaking is mainly about entertaining not about social preaching. Entertainment doesn’t mean just to make the audience laugh but get them involved in the subject. If the movie gives out a social message is fine but if it doesn’t, still it is fine.


Over the years, do you find any change in the audience?

Off course! It’s not just the viewers but even we are changing with time. Because so many platforms are available, exposure too has increased. But it’s a good thing as with the viewers even we are evolving.

Will web series affect movies and movie stars?

To some extent, it will definitely affect. Now we are bound to make movies which the viewers will love to watch in theatres. There will be no compromise on that part. The competition has become fierce.

Do you get affected by the reviews of your movies?

Now days there are so many publications, websites, channels and everyone has their own review. The genuine critics left are very few. Now everybody has become a film critic. So you don’t know which one to follow and which one to not follow.


Why don’t we see more multi-starrers today like in the 80’s or 90’s?

The script should be really good for such projects. And also, I think people hesitate to bring two heroes together and it has nothing to do with budget. It is difficult to get two actors together.