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Hair-Washing Mistakes You May Be Making!

It doesn’t matter how expensive hair products you use, if you do not know the right way to wash hair

Using too much shampoo on your hairs -


 You should use only coin-sized amount of shampoo to wash your hair else it will cause major dryness and roughness in hairs.

Not Brushing hair immediately before washing - 


Most of us comb our hairs after washing hairs, when the hairs are wet but what about combing before washing hairs? Combing hairs before shampooing will prevent hairs from getting tangled in the shower.

Piling hairs on top of your head while washing –


 Piling hair on top of the head while you wash it will create knots and will lead to hair breakage. It is suggested to shampoo the hairs in natural position.

Shampooing Every Wash - 


We should not shampoo hairs every day. It is suggested that we shampoo every alternate day or even every third day. If it is required to wash every day, then instead of using shampoo every day, you should use conditioner at the end of hair. This will prevent the scalp from drying.

Taking super-hot showers – 


Using hot water for washing hair can make your hair look dry and lifeless. The cooler the water, the better it will be for the hairs.

Scrubbing too hard – 


You should avoid vigorous rubbing of hairs while shampooing as wet hairs are weak are more prone to breaking.