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Some interesting facts about Coconuts!

Coconut Trees are found across much of the tropic and subtropic area, and they belong to the plant family known as Arecaceae. Coconuts are considered a type of nut and they are the seeds of the coconut palm tree.

Here are some interesting facts about Coconuts :

  • Coconuts are known for their versatility, as they can be used for many traditional uses, ranging from food to cosmetics.
  • It is believed that the “coconut” name was given by Portuguese sailors as Coco means “laughing face” and the three holes on the coconut looked like a human face.
  • Coconut tree is also known as “Kalp Vriksh”.
  • Fresh coconut contains lot of calories and it contains lot of vital nutrients which are essential for the body.
  • As per Hindu Culture, coconut is believed to be an auspicious fruit and used in many rituals on pious occasion. It is a symbol of prosperity and believed to welcome Lakshmi.
  • Coconut Water Can Be Used as a Substitute for Blood Plasma and during World War II, coconut water was used as an IV drip as there was very limited blood plasma available.
  • The “meat” of the coconut is high in protein, one coconut has 13g of protein and the coconut milk is light and low in sugar.
  • Coconut has a lot of Vitamin E, which is very effective for skin and hair elements. It also has growth hormones which helps in the development of many organisms.
  • Coconut palm tree has a single, smooth columnar trunk which can grow from 50 to 100 feet tall