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Education should be experiential in learning rather than being Classroom based

Education should be experiential in learning rather than being Classroom based

Education, as depicted in the age old Epic Ramayana, in the school of GURUKUL was experiential in nature. If our gods learned via experience and practical implementation of bookish knowledge, why are we expected to learn via media of classrooms and no further extensions?

Of course a couple of lab experiments, no serious ones though: we are allowed to conduct but for what? to decipher acids from bases using litmus papers in terms of emergencies? To come to think of it: that is never going to happen in my daily life. 
My point being, rote learning is no way to succeed. The growing unemployment is only a resultant of the failure of our education system. Just the way a fish can’t be expected to climb a tree, sitting in a classroom and reading a book will not aid everyone’s learning abilities. 
To each his own, is widely used when adults are spoken of but adolescents? We have no say in pertaining suitable the means that will best suit our learning abilities. What a sportsperson learns in the field he will never learn in a classroom. You can teach me how to cross a road in theory all you want or to ride a bike in paper by giving me notes but until and unless I experience both these activities practically, I will not have the slightest clue or confidence to practice either. 
I had the odds in my favour the minute I quoted a religious example in the very first line stating that the gods were not as smart as the adolescent population of the 21st century, but because I had the time to reiterate my argument: I’m sure you all agree that education should be more experiential in learning than classroom based.