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How State Poll Results Will Impact for General Election IN 2019?

INDIAN national congress won Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh on 11 December. Though they lost in Mizoram and Telangana but the victories of the Hindi heartland states has given them a boost in the Loksabha elections in 2019. We can assume the significance of Loksabha election before 4 months from these results. There were directly contests between the largest national parties the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress.

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Here are some points which can be in Loksabha election in 2019.

  • A victory of these three states can help to Congress to be ahead in the united opposition before the general election. It can be a message that there is no opposition without Congress on board.

    Rahul Gandhi sais to the media,” the ideology of SP or Samajbadi party and BSP or Bahujon samaj party is similar to that of the Congress”. On the next day the Samajbadi party and Bahujon samaj party both support Congress in Madhya Pradesh. The post-poll alliance forged here could help the three sides negotiate the seat-sharing formula for 2019 more effectively.
  • With these three wins the position of Congress has changed greatly in their ruling states. Before these victories, there were four states and Union Territories of Congress. Punjab, Karnataka, Pondicherry and Mizoram. But failed to retain Mizoram.
  • BJP received 33 % vote in Chhattisgarh.  41 % vote in Madhya Pradesh. This is 0.1% more than Congress. 38.8 % in Rajasthan. In 2019, the BJP hopes that their ability to maintain significant vote share despite opposition party power will not help them to leave many seats in Hindi Belt.

    The 3-0 verdict of congress has established a close contest for 2019 Loksabha election. It narrowed the gap between the BJP- led National Democratic Alliance and the Congerss with the united opposition.
  • Congress president Rahul Gandhi was campaigned in these states deeply. The victories boost Rahul Gandhi’s popularity. It also boosts his acceptability among people. It was similar to what was seen in Gujrat campaign in 2017. Though he cannot retain this seat. Though critics claim that there was much more due to Gandhi’s campaign and local opposition. In 2019, the popularity can help Rahul Gandhi to give a tough fight to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In addition the tendency of this state can be transferred to other states in areas such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.
  • Congress pledged to forgive agriculture loan in three states of its election manifesto. In order to be able to get a vote, in the general election, this team will have to make important commitments. This party is facing difficult work in creating jobs in the party. The promise of non-fulfillment voters can turn away.
  • K. chandrashekhar rao-led Telugu Rashtra Samithi or TRS has maintained a new state of INDIA with a decisive reply.  Telugu Rashtra samithi win 88 out of 119 seats. Under the 20 seats the main opposition Congress decreases. This will be second consecutive term of KCR as chief minister of state. Shortly after the victory, KCR spoke about ‘BJP mukt, Congress mukt INDIA.’ He also said about a new national party as a consortium of regional parties may emerge very soon.

    TRS won 11 seats out of 17 parliamentary seats in the state in 2014 general election. Now TRS will hope to improve this tally. KCR can play as ‘kingmaker’ in a parliamentary election, in an advanced majority seat.
  • While BJP managed to win just one seat in Mizoram, it would draw some respite from the fact that Congress lost power in the state. Congress was defeated by the BJP ally Mizo national front. But BJP and Mizo national front took part separately in the general election. Mizoram was the last congressed ruled state in north east. The BJP is hoping to make gains in the region to offset losses it might make in north INDIA.
  • It must be noticed that Ashok Gehlot has been appointed recently as AICC general secretary of Congress party organization. The appointment is most important in the grand old party as its occupant is considered the most influential person after Gandhis. A tsk has been given to him and that will be tested in the general elections.
  • To protest RSS volunteers, Kamal nath took the void on the Anganwadi and Asha health workers. There are a large number of women volunteers who will travel to neighbor districts to check whether the Congress functionaries, candidates and others are doing their job perfectly or not. Result and feedback will come regularly and the corrections will make as soon as possible. If some transport can be arranged then some government employees unions commits that they will also do canvass for kamal Nath. He reportedly raised Rs. 3 lakh to 4 lakh.