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Put your love in a hug rather than words this hug day

While Valentine’s has its own aura all the days prior to this has their own significance. Be it Rose day or Propose day, every day gives us a reason to celebrate. Hug Day is one of those days where you can express or receive the warmth of a hug without having to go through the embarrassment and comments from our friends right? February 12 is dedicated to hugs entirely.

hug day

A hug can make you feel loved and complete. After a long or stressful day at work, a hug from your loved one can make all the weariness go away. A hug can make anyone feel better no matter what the occasion. You can either be extremely overjoyed with your recent achievement or may be grieving something. A hug fixes it all in a silent language that says I am there for you and you are important to me. Scientifically also a hug from a loved one can serve as a natural stress reliever as it relieves oxytocin which is also called the ‘love hormone’. In addition to this, they also provide assurance in a way that is difficult to communicate by words. It provides a sense of care and comfort along with building trust as intimacy is very important in a relationship. A hug can also be a friendly one as a short and casual side hug can also mean you are there for the person in a friendly and platonic way.

hug day

So this hug day crush your loved one and sweep them off of their feet with hugs or just randomly hug a friend to tell them how important you are to them. After all, it is the silent language to tell the person they are important if you fail to put in words.

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