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Organisations Working For Sex Workers In India

Ground Reality of Sex Workers

According to Oxford English Dictionary, a prostitute is a person who has sex for payment. Simple, right? But this idea is not that simple. History states, prostitution is the oldest profession of the world and yet very few actually talk about this profession.  So who are these men, women, transgender etc. who are essential part of our society and yet they seem to enjoy no place in the mainstream world?

I say sex work is an essential part because the number of rape cases today is still in check because of the sex workers. This idea is not very simple to grasp. Sex Work has always existed in different parts of the world is different forms- tawaifs, geisha, naach girls, dev dasini etc.  Some are forced into this profession while some have accepted this as their fate. Some sex workers were victims of human trafficking while others find this as a simple means of earning. Despite all this, sex workers today have been subjected to constant humiliation and suppression. Is this because the State cannot give legitimate space to sexual pleasures or is it because of the society’s inability to understand sexuality? We have no answers. But we do have some good organisations working for the betterment and development of these women

Kranti, Mumbai


With an aim to help the victims of human trafficking, Kranti is a non-profit organisation working for sex workers in Mumbai. Mumbai shows the highest number of human trafficking cases.  This organisation is also educating the children of the sex workers to ensure that they have a safe childhood.

Kat Katha, New Delhi

lat katha

GB road of Delhi is the adda of prostitution. This organisation is trying to spread love on the road by erasing the stereotypes associated with sex workers. Ensuring that sex workers have an alternative career choice, Kat Katha offers vocational training to some women.

Sanlaap, Kolkatta


Sanlaap has been continuously working on the issues of Trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  They ensure that sex workers are given knowledge on HIV, gender education, health, sanitation among other things.

Sangram, Sangali


Sangali witnesses the second highest rates of human trafficking after Mumbai. Sangram is working with the loca authorities to ensure that non-consensual sex work is erased forever.

Project Saheli by Indian Health Organisation


Indian Health Organisation has undertaken a nationwide project called Saheli. This project is working with the government to ensure that sex workers are given all health facilities. It has been found that HIV is mainly caused due to lack of protection used in brothels. Saheli ensures that proper information is given to sex workers.

Sex Workers deserve equal rights and respect. These organisations are ensuring that forced sex workers come out of the web but most importantly they are working to bridge the socially constructed gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’.