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Noor Malabika Das Suicide: what happened to the trail actor

Noor Malabika Das, a former air hostess with Qatar Airways, transitioned into acting, showcasing her talent across various mediums. Hailing from Assam, she appeared in several projects like "Siskiyaan," "Walkaman," "Teekhi Chatni," and more, leaving her mark on the entertainment industry. 

Active on social media, Noor shared glimpses of her life with her 163K Instagram followers. Her last post, just a week before her demise, emphasized the importance of self-love. “There is only one face and that is @noormalabika1 matching with no one else nd I no need to see the mirror my beauty is according to your reflection. My mirror is the world sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes better,sometimes silly, sometimes playful, sometimes naughty, sometimes jolly, sometimes kind, sometimes cool, sometimes fire, sometimes childish, sometimes matured.. according to the swing,” she wrote.

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The circumstances surrounding her death raised concerns, with her neighbors alerting the police due to a foul smell emanating from her flat. An investigation into her death has been initiated by Mumbai Police, and despite her family not claiming her body, an NGO conducted her cremation.

The All India Cine Workers Association wrote to Maharashtra's Chief Minister, urging a thorough investigation into her death. The letter highlighted the recurring tragedies within the film industry and stressed the need for introspection and justice. “Her untimely death is a poignant reminder of the disturbing trend of suicides within the Indian film fraternity. The recurrence of such tragic incidents within the Bollywood industry calls for a serious introspection and a thorough investigation into the underlying causes. It is imperative to explore all possible factors, including the potential for foul play, to ensure that the truth is brought to light and justice is served,” read the letter.

Kajol's co-star Noor, aged 31, tragically passed away at her flat in Mumbai's Lokhandwala area on June 6.


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