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Satyabhama review: kajal aggarwal's thriller is a mess

Satyabhama (Kajal) is a sincere, honest, and dedicated police officer who serves as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. She is approached by Haseena, a woman reporting domestic violence from her husband Yedhu. Tragically, Haseena is killed by Yedhu shortly after. Distressed by Haseena’s death, Satyabhama begins investigating the case. During her investigation, Haseena’s brother Iqbal disappears. As Satyabhama delves deeper, she uncovers various conspiracies behind the murder.

sathyabhama review

Release date 7 June 2024
Critic's Rating 2.5/5
Director Suman Chikkala
Cast Kajal Aggarwal, Naveen Chandra, Prakash Raj, Nagineedu
Duration  132 minutes

The film reveals a web of conspiracies involving domestic violence, terrorism, and human trafficking. Satyabhama faces numerous challenges, including uncovering hidden truths and navigating dangerous situations, to bring the culprits to justice. Her journey is fraught with obstacles, but her determination drives her forward.

Despite this being Kajal’s first time portraying such an intense role, she delivers a commendable performance. However, her action scenes could have been more polished, as the film heavily relies on these sequences. It would be exciting to see her in more intense, author-backed roles in the future.

Ankith Koyya also impresses in his significant role. Unfortunately, other talented actors like Prakash Raj, Naveen Chandra, Ravi Varma, and Harsha Vardhan are underutilized in poorly written characters. The story, penned by Ramesh Yadma and Prashanth Reddy, with the screenplay by "Goodachari" director Sashikiran Thikka, has potential but falters in execution.


Debutant director Suman struggles with the film’s execution. The movie attempts to tackle important issues such as domestic violence, terrorism, and human trafficking but fails to explore any of them fully. The narrative often leaves the audience wondering about its direction, attempting to be both an action thriller and a suspense thriller but succeeding in neither.

The core story centers around Haseena and her family, but the writers fail to give these characters enough depth from the beginning. Unnecessary scenes and characters in the first half add little value to the overall plot. Overall, the film suffers from weak writing and direction, making it a disappointing watch.

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