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Song "Tu Juliet Jatt Di" features Diljit Dosanjh

The song "Tu Juliet Jatt Di" from the upcoming Punjabi film "Jatt and Juliet 3" has been released. The music video features Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh alongside actress Neeru Bajwa. The song's music is composed by Bunny, and it is sung by Diljit.

jatt and juliet 3 releasing on 28 june This love song blends lively Indian elements with modern sounds. Diljit has shared his enthusiasm for the project  “Releasing Tu Juliet Jatt Di is a special moment for me. The song is fun and full of emotion, much like our movie Jatt & Juliet 3. Collaborating with Neeru again was fantastic, and I’m sure fans will enjoy this track.”

"Jatt and Juliet 3" continues the adventurous tale of Fateh (played by Diljit) and Pooja (played by Neeru) as they face new challenges and humorous misunderstandings.

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