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On Sidhu Moosewala's 2nd anniversary, mother Charan Kaur pens an emotional note; says, "This day is written in black letters in history"

Two years have passed since the tragic loss of Sidhu Moosewala, the influential Punjabi artist whose sudden departure on May 29, 2022, deeply affected his fans and the music industry. As the anniversary approached, his family and admirers came together to commemorate his legacy, reflecting on the lasting impact he had on their lives.

Charan Kaur, Moosewala's mother, expressed her profound sorrow and enduring love for her late son on Instagram. Composed in Punjabi, her heartfelt message conveyed the deep void left by his absence. "Miss you, son Sidhu. We will never forget a son like you in our whole life. You will always remain in our hearts, son. Your memory will always be there. This day is written in black letters in history," she shared, echoing the sentiments of both family and fans.


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Amidst controversy surrounding the family's recent addition of another son, Charan Kaur's note carries significant emotional weight. Sidhu Moosewala's father, Balkaur Singh, also honored his son's memory on Instagram, advocating for justice with the hashtag #JusticeforSidhuMoosewala.

In an interview with ANI, Balkaur Singh announced plans for a modest religious gathering at their home, discouraging fans from traveling to their village, Moosa, due to extreme weather and ongoing local elections. "There will be a very simple program tomorrow because there are elections and temperatures are very high. We have told people outside to not come here, only the people of the village and family are coming. The public has been told to not come... Only the religious rituals will be performed," he stated.

Despite limiting attendance, their decision reflects a deep concern for the well-being of their supporters, demonstrating respect and consideration during their time of mourning. Although physical distance separates them, Sidhu Moosewala's fans continue to honor his legacy with unwavering devotion, keeping his memory alive from afar.