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Kanguva: Exploring Suriya's Dual Role Marvel in Cinematic Brilliance

Prepare to embark on a grand adventure like never before as Suriya takes on a challenging dual role in the highly anticipated Tamil fantasy action film, "Kanguva," also known as "The Man with the Power of Fire." Helmed by acclaimed director Siva and backed by Studio Green and UV Creations, this cinematic spectacle is poised to enthrall viewers with its captivating storyline and stunning visuals.

Initially introduced as "Suriya 39" back in April 2019, "Kanguva" encountered delays due to director Siva's prior commitments. However, the project regained momentum in August, now titled "Suriya 42," marking Suriya's 42nd lead role. This resurgence sparked renewed excitement among fans eager to witness Suriya's brilliance on the silver screen once again.

The film revolves around Suriya's character, blessed with an extraordinary gift – the power of fire. Joining him on this thrilling journey are Bollywood sensation Bobby Deol and the enchanting Disha Patani, making their Tamil cinema debuts. The stellar ensemble cast also includes esteemed actors like Natarajan Subramaniam, Jagapathi Babu, Yogi Babu, and Kovai Sarala, ensuring a riveting cinematic experience.

Principal photography for "Kanguva" commenced in August, spanning various picturesque locations such as Chennai, Goa, Kerala, Kodaikanal, and Rajahmundry. With its elaborate sets and breathtaking visuals, the film promises to transport audiences to a mesmerizing world filled with mystery and adventure.

As one of the most ambitious Indian projects to date, boasting a budget ranging from ₹300–350 crore, "Kanguva" spares no expense in delivering an immersive cinematic experience. The technical team, led by renowned music composer Devi Sri Prasad, cinematographer Vetri Palanisamy, and editor Nishadh Yusuf, ensures every frame is meticulously crafted.

Anticipation for "Kanguva" continues to soar as fans eagerly await its theatrical release in 2024. Set to hit screens in standard, 3D, and IMAX formats, the film promises to be a visual extravaganza that will captivate audiences. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey with "Kanguva," where adventure, magic, and excitement await around every corner.


Suriya as Kanguva
Bobby Deol as Udhiran
Disha Patani
Natarajan Subramaniam
Jagapathi Babu[9]
Yogi Babu
Redin Kingsley
Kovai Sarala
G. Marimuthu
Deepa Venkat
Ravi Raghavendra
K. S. Ravikumar
B. S. Avinash



Two months following the release of Siva's "Viswasam" in 2019, rumors emerged about Suriya collaborating with him for a film under K. E. Gnanavel Raja's Studio Green banner. Originally dubbed "Suriya 39," the venture was set to kick off after Suriya completed "Soorarai Pottru" in 2020. Speculation suggested Nayanthara's potential inclusion in the cast for a rural family drama akin to "Viswasam." However, Siva's commitment to direct Rajinikanth's 168th film, later titled "Annaatthe" in 2021, caused a delay in "Suriya 39." Despite rescheduling filming for November 2021, the project failed to materialize, ultimately morphing into "Jai Bhim" in 2021.


Amidst the challenges of the pandemic in January 2021, Siva initiated pre-production work for the film, eventually setting up sets at EVP Film City by September. Despite facing delays, Suriya affirmed the project's continuation in January 2022. Notably, Devi Sri Prasad replaced D. Imman as the music director, while UV Creations took over production responsibilities due to budget concerns raised by Gnanavel Raja. The project was officially launched in August 2022 under the title "Suriya 42," unveiling its period action genre and 3D format through a captivating motion poster. Renamed "Kanguva" in April 2023, discussions surrounding a potential sequel surfaced, indicating the expansive storyline and producers' keen interest in further exploration.

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In "Kanguva," Suriya is set to dazzle audiences with an impressive spectrum of 13 distinct looks, surpassing his previous record of ten in "Ayan" (2009). Renowned makeup artist Ranjith Ambady drew inspiration from the visuals of "Apocalypto" (2006) for one of Suriya's period looks. In his dedication to the role, Suriya underwent a rigorous weight loss regime, shedding 5 kilograms to fully embody his character. Disha Patani's inclusion in the cast for her Tamil debut was confirmed in September 2022, adding to the film's allure. Supporting roles boast a talented ensemble including Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, Kovai Sarala, Anandaraj, Ravi Raghavendra, K. S. Ravikumar, and B. S. Avinash. Bobby Deol, making his Tamil debut, takes on the pivotal role of the main antagonist, undertaking the challenge of mastering Tamil within a tight two-month timeframe. Additionally, Natarajan Subramaniam joins the cast in an antagonist role, further enriching the film's dynamic ensemble.


The filming journey of "Kanguva" encountered numerous hurdles and setbacks, largely due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic and scheduling conflicts of the director and lead actor. Originally slated to commence in November 2021 following Siva's directorial project "Annaatthe," delays pushed the start date to July 2022 due to prior commitments of Suriya. However, even this timeline faced challenges, with principal photography finally kicking off on 24 August 2022 in Chennai after a traditional pooja ceremony. The initial five-day schedule concluded swiftly, setting the stage for subsequent shoots.

The production relocated to Goa for the second schedule beginning on 20 September 2022, where intricate sets were erected for crucial sequences. During this phase, Disha Patani joined the cast, with a significant stunt scene involving over 250 extras being filmed. However, the production encountered a setback when unauthorized images and footage from the sets were leaked, prompting warnings of legal action from Studio Green, the production company.

After wrapping the second schedule on 11 October 2022, the team took a break for Diwali festivities before resuming shooting in Chennai and Pondicherry. Plans to film in Sri Lanka were scrapped, and filming resumed in Chennai's Ennore area for the third schedule starting on 16 December 2022, now including Patani and Yogi Babu. Action-packed sequences choreographed by Supreme Sundar were shot at Ennore Port, intensifying the film's impact.

As filming progressed, Suriya underwent rigorous training to achieve a six-pack physique for his role, underscoring his commitment to the character. By January 2023, 60% of filming was completed, signifying substantial progress. Additional schedules took place at EVP Film City in Chennai, where elaborate sets resembling airplanes and forests were constructed for action and musical sequences. Filming also extended to Kodaikanal before returning to EVP Film City for further shooting.

In June 2023, an elaborate set was erected in Chennai for a song sequence featuring over 1500 background artists, elevating the film's visual grandeur. Subsequent filming occurred in Kodaikanal before returning to EVP Film City for more shooting. The production later moved to Rajahmundry and Bangkok for additional schedules, each contributing to the film's expansive narrative.

Despite challenges like minor injuries sustained by Suriya during a fight scene in late November 2023, prompting a brief pause in filming, the team persevered. Principal photography wrapped up in January 2024, marking the end of a challenging yet fulfilling journey in bringing "Kanguva" to fruition on the big screen.


Post-production activities for "Kanguva" commenced in Mumbai in late June 2023, with a primary focus on visual effects under the supervision of Harihara Suthan. This phase involves extensive work on visual effects and computer-generated imagery, integral components of the film's storytelling. The team is committed to seamlessly integrating these effects into the final product, a meticulous process expected to span several months.

On 14 February 2024, Suriya, accompanied by director Siva and the technical crew, conducted a thorough review of the film's final edit, expressing appreciation for the team's dedication. Subsequently, post-production advanced to the next stage, encompassing digital intermediate, color grading, and previsualization, all progressing simultaneously.

Suriya initiated dubbing for his segments on 21 February at Gnanavel Raja's cutting-edge post-production facility, Aadnah Arts, located in Mumbai.


In their fifth collaboration, Devi Sri Prasad has composed the soundtrack and film score for "Kanguva," joining forces once again with Suriya. Their previous collaborations include projects like "Maayavi," "Aaru," "Singam," and "Singam II." This also marks Devi Sri Prasad's second collaboration with director Siva, following their work together on "Veeram." The music rights for the film have been secured by Saregama.


On Suriya's birthday, a captivating 94-second teaser was unveiled, offering a sneak peek into his portrayal in the period segments of "Kanguva," accompanied by the film's inaugural look. Remarkably, within a mere 24-hour span, the teaser garnered an astounding 30 million views, praised for its breathtaking visuals. Following this, a second poster was unveiled, presenting Suriya in a contemporary avatar, followed by another poster showcasing Bobby Deol's character, coinciding with his birthday celebration. Subsequently, a sizzle teaser was released in March, building anticipation further, while an April promotional poster spotlighted Suriya's dual roles, adding to the excitement surrounding the film's release.



Scheduled for a late 2024 debut, "Kanguva" promises audiences an immersive experience in traditional 2D, 3D, and IMAX formats. Initially planned for early 2024, the film's release was delayed to accommodate extensive post-production work. Furthermore, in April 2023, it was revealed that "Kanguva" would be released in 38 languages, signaling a bold endeavor to broaden its market reach and attain unparalleled success in global box offices, a strategic move championed by producer Gnanavel Raja.


Initially, AA Films was designated as the distributor for the Hindi-dubbed editions. However, by January 2023, Pen Studios purportedly assumed control of the Hindi theatrical distribution rights. Similarly, the Kannada rights were secured by KVN Productions. Intriguingly, both Pen Studios and KVN Productions were acknowledged as co-producers in the promotional materials.

Pre-release business

"Kanguva" has achieved an exceptional pre-release milestone by accumulating over ₹500 crore (US$63 million) in revenue, covering digital, audio, and satellite rights. This accomplishment marks a significant moment as the first Tamil movie to reach such a pinnacle. Impressively, the digital rights for South India alone garnered a substantial ₹80 crore (US$10 million), while the Hindi satellite, digital, and theatrical rights were acquired for ₹100 crore.

Home media

The digital streaming rights of the film for its South Indian languages were acquired by Amazon Prime Video.