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Nawazuddin Siddiqui files defamation suit against ex wife and brother, seeks ₹100 crore in damages

Entertainer Nawazuddin Siddiqui has recorded a criticism case in the Mumbai High Court looking for remuneration of Rs 100 crore from his ex Alia Siddiqui otherwise known as Zainab Siddiqui. Shamsuddin Siddiqui's brother was also accused of making false and defamatory statements against him.

According to the PTI news agency, the actor also demanded a written apology from his ex-wife and brother. In the lawsuit, it was stated that Shammas Al-Din, who was his business manager in 2008, “blindly” entrusted him with all the financial work. It was also alleged that Shamasuddin started cheating and defrauding Nawazuddin and buying real estate with the actor's money.

He likewise guaranteed that when the entertainer learned about the misrepresentation and sought clarification on pressing issues, Shamasuddin fooled his ex Aliyah into documenting a bogus body of evidence against Nawazuddin . Recently, the actor and Aaliyah got involved in a property dispute.

Meanwhile, Nawazuddin also called on the Supreme Court to permanently ban Aliya and his brother from making any statements or statements that would defame him. He accused them of embezzling 21 crore from him.

The suit also alleged that when the actor demanded that his property be returned to him, Shammasuddin and Aaliyah allied against him and began blackmailing him with “cheap videos and remarks via web-based entertainment." As indicated by the PTI news organization, it is said that the case will be heard on Walk 30 by a solitary board of Judge Riaz Chagla.

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