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Retro look bollywood 80's vintage pieces still in fashion

Retro look bollywood 80's are back in vogue. Fashion trends always come back with generations. Everyone embracing the trends in their own way and cant get enough.

Inevitably, fashion trends in Indian culture largely stem from Bollywood. The two always go hand in hand, and the fashion industry gets most of its inspiration from the big screen. The process is very simple: a huge movie premiere, the actress causes a sensation with her clothes, stylists copy the look, and domestic factories start mass production. As a result, we see trends worn by millions of ordinary people in our country. Many of us probably remember our moms rocking the vintage fashion trends of the 70's and 80's, and the nostalgia for these trends continues through the generations!

retro look bollywood 80's

Paper bag pants

The iconic '80s style that's in vogue today is none other than high-waisted paper bag leggings. This vintage indian retro look bollywood fasion style graced the big screen in the black and white era and is now back on the runway. Known for their ultimate comfort, these pleated pants can be styled for a formal or casual look. We see Rati Agnihotri doing this in one of his videos with Rajnikanth. Worn with suspenders and a striped shirt, he looks chic as always. Besides, if this photo was retouched and color-coded, we're sure no one would notice the difference in time!

retro look bollywood 80's

Ruffled sleeves

Ruffles were totally in vogue in the '80s, however, this retro on-trend pairing can now be seen at Vogue. Dreamgirl Hema Malini wears a ruffle sleeve top and matching printed dress in this Jeetendra. This retro look bollywood female fashion is paired with a layered pearl necklace and matching bracelet. Moreover, the floral print on her dress has become a popular print that we see on many outfits.

retro look bollywood 80's

Waistcoats and shoulder pads

This retro look bollywood trend not for the faint of heart is pulling off exaggerated shoulders and vibrant colors. And who better than Madhuri Dixit Nene to show us how to pull off this look? Oversized clothing was popular in the 1980s along with shoulder pads and moderately puffed sleeves to enhance the look. Paired with a floral Madhuri jacket, this outfit makes a trend-worthy look. Recently, we have seen the puffed sleeves and structured shoulders become a favorite with party dresses.

retro look bollywood 80's

Chain link print

Front tie shirts became a major fashion trend after Bobby's Dimple Kapadia. This style along with the highly popular series of prints was a luxe look in the 80s, originally inspired by Hermès and Versace scarf designs, this vintage print has found its way to Bollywood. The late Sridevi Kapoor was pictured in a photo that combined a chain print on a knot front shirt and white jeans. For true retro style, her high-waisted shorts are complemented by large hoop earrings and a brown leather belt. Recently, we've seen iterations of this sophisticated print all over street style. Plus, fashion experts Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle are known fans of this classic chain style.

retro look bollywood 80's

Oval shaped sunglasses

Small oval sunglasses may be familiar now, but the style was born in the 80s and these stunning metal frames were worn by Rekha who rounded out this look. Then these stylish glasses are a recurring style among many of our celebrity Instagram influencers

retro look bollywood 80's

Necker chief scalf

The neck scarf, worn by movie stars in the West, is considered a classic. Sizzling in an all-pink ensemble, Parveen Babi is a true vintage hero. It effortlessly designs a veil and plunging neckline. The appearance of the chief, which attracts attention. This trend never went away as we still see small square scarves tied fashionably around the neck.

retro look bollywood 80's

Flared pants

They are comfortable, stylish, and are becoming more and more popular. From Neetu Singh to Zeenat Aman, they were a fad back then and are now in demand again. You can see a few B-city divas opting for trendy flared-pants outfits, from the red carpet to movie promotions.

retro look bollywood 80's

Edgy chokers

People think chokers are a modern fashion trend, but in fact they were popularized in the 70's and 80's, and with the development of the trend of disco wear, chokers of all kinds have become a huge part of the old fashion. From studded chokers to ornate chokers, Bollywood divas rocked them then and rock them now.

retro look bollywood 80's

One shoulder outfit

One of our favorite  retro look bollywood classic fashion trends is the one shoulder style! It is sexy, bold and very charming. Bollywood seems to be catching on to the trend and wearing very hot one-shoulder outfits.

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