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Selena Gomez talks about kindness after Hailey Bieber's explosive interview comments: Words matter

Hailey Bieber recently appeared on Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast and addressed some surprising things including her husband Justin Bieber's past with ex Selena Gomez. The model made some explosive comments as she clarified how she was never romantically involved with Justin while he was with Gomez and fans think Selena has now reacted to it.

Selena Gomez recently went live on TikTok, nearly a day after Hailey Bieber's comments went viral. While the singer did not directly address the headlines that have come out following Hailey's interview, the Wolves singer was seen speaking about kindness with her fans. Gomez never directly mentioned Hailey or the interview but one of her statements from the live session where she said "words matter" has fans believe that it was said in the context of the recent headlines.

Selena while speaking to her fans said, "And all I have to say is it’s incredibly ironic that I would release something that is all about kind words ’cause that’s exactly what I want. That’s it. If you support Rare, I cannot thank you enough but know that you are also representing what it means and that is words matter. Truly matter."

The singer further also added, "I just want all of you to know that I hope that you understand that this is much bigger than anything else. I’m really grateful to all of you for hearing me out, so have a wonderful rest of your day, and I appreciate all the love. Thank you.”

Hailey in her recent interview also spoke about the narrative that she "stole" Justin from Selena and maintained that it's just wishful thinking among fans who want certain people to end up together. The model also revealed that she has spoken to Gomez after her marriage with Justin. 

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