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The manual for mankles

The manual for mankles

4 ways to go sockless this summer

The manual for mankles

It's the time of the year to swap your socks for the mankle (what the fashion-conscious call the trend of men showing off their ankles). You've had it coming if you like your trousers cropped (and don't want to look like the Black Or White era Michael Jackson). So get the swag right, boys; it's confusing territory. Bollywood stars John Abraham, Farhan Akhtar, Harshvardhan Kapoor and (most notoriously) Ranveer Singh are already in on it. 

We deconstrut 4 ways you can do it: 

1. The trouser roll

Ideal for: College students, artistic types

How to get it: Fold the hem of your pants over until you reach the height you're looking for

Do it with: Chinos and jeans

Tip: Wide roll translates to a more casual stance

2. The pin roll

Ideal for: Outdoorsy types

How to get it: Pinch excess fabric on the inside of the ankle and fold back before rolling it over itself

Do it with: Jeans-and-sneaker combination

Tip: Use the pin roll to get a cufffed look

3. The turn-up

Ideal for: Office goers and casual businessmen

How to get it: Fold the pants wide once or twice and hot iron over it. Alternatively, ask your tailor to alter the hem

Do it with: Summer suits and cropped trousers

Tip: Stores now stock readymade pants with the turn-up so you don't need to polish your ironing skills

4. The crop

Ideal for: The widest age group and personality type of guys

How to get it: Look for trousers that end just above the ankle. It should have no noticeable fold or need for rolling.

Do it with: Coloured pants or neutral wide-legged trousers

Tip: Head over to the summer sales at clothing stores. Rumour has it that this season will have the biggest stock for men's cropped pants

7 tips to bare your mankles:

1) Avoid this trend at funerals and board meetings

2) Use invisible socks to avoid blisters and foul-smelling shoes

3) Team jeans with sneakers, brogues, or suede boots.

4) Chinos look good with most footwear, specially minimal trainers

5) Avoid boots with cotton and linen trousers. Go sockless in these with loafers, boat shoes or sandals. Keep the colours of your shirt neutral.

6) Cropped trousers and suit trousers call for dark leather loafers. Or you can go extreme and slip into white tennis shoes.

7) Play it safe with skinny or tailored legwear. It's not enough to get the fit right purely at the ankles; check the fitting at the calves and thighs too.

As you can see, going sockless is a back-to-basics, skin-baring trend that will keep you cool and with-it in one minimalist move.