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Vijay starrer Beast has an Excellent opening weekend; All-time 5-day record in Tamil Nadu

Beast went on a hot collection run on Sunday, generating earnings of Rs. Rs 18 crore approximately, and posted Rs. 137 million rupees over the five-day weekend. The film helped with the Easter and Tamil New Year holidays during the same year, although it was mostly canceled by the KGF 2 competition. There was a dip on Friday and a potential collapse is expected in the coming days, but business leveled off on Saturday and groups soared on Sunday. The global action of the film will be close to Rs. Rs 200 crore, subject to actual overseas location and we will report on this later in the evening.

The film set a great record, and broke the record. 96 crores at its opening frame in Tamil Nadu. The five-day figures are the highest in the state with a good Rs. Rs 10 crore or so before two other Vijay Thalapathy movies like Sarkar, Vigil and Master. The numbers are, of course, excellent, but the trend is nothing to be outdone. The film's word of mouth is on the mixed side and with KGF 2 on its tail, it's going to be facing drops in groups the next day. The task is mainly done for the movie where Rs. 100 crores in the state today or worst case scenario Tuesday. Sunday work gives an opportunity to reach Rs. 125 crores if the work record jumped in the second weekend. Sunday's drop might have made it difficult to catch midweek, but now there's an opportunity.


The Beast collections at the Indian box office are as follows:

Wednesday - Rs. 59.50 crore

Thursday - Rs. 24.25 crores

Friday - Rs. 18.50 crore

Saturday - Rs. 16.75 crore

Sunday - Rs. 18 crores

Total - Rs. 137 crores

Outside of Tamil Nadu, the five-day numbers are strong on their own, but that's thanks to the big opening day they witnessed. Although like Tamil Nadu, Sunday marked a group break. The film grossed almost Rs. 12 crores in Karnataka which is a more excellent number considering KGF 2 is on a historic track in the state. Similarly in AP/TS, he had five days of Rs. 15 million rupees, although not much or no ration after the second day, with only Rs. 5.75-6 million rupees approx. There may be some adjustment to the stock account at the end of the week, when the dealer chooses a percentage basis instead of rent. Beast was initially supposed to release on the same day as KGF 2, which would have been disastrous for the box office in these regions because the clash would have meant missing an important day. The best movie release date could have been April 8th, but the way the Tamil trade works was so amazing that they were even released on April 13th.

The regional distribution of Beast's two-day box office takings at the Indian box office is as follows:

Tamil Nadu - Rs. 96 crores

AP/TS - Rs. 15 million rupees

Karnataka-Rs. 11.75 crores

Kerala - Rs. 10 million rupees

North India - Rs. 4.25 crore

Total - Rs. 137 crores

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