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Grammys 2022: President Zelenskyy delivers an emotional speech

It was previously announced that the 2022 Grammys will have a special section dedicated to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, and as part of that, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared in a pre-recorded speech. He talked about the heartbreaking situation in his country at the moment and performed John Legend with Ukrainian artists.

In the video shown at the Grammy Awards, Zelensky described the conditions of the current war, including ongoing bombing, and encouraged the artists present to fill the silence caused by this war with music. In the emotional speech, he also stated: "War does not allow us to choose who survives and who remains in eternal silence. Our musicians wear bulletproof vests instead of suits. They sing to the wounded in hospitals, even those who can." . You don't hear them, but the music will spread anyway."

Take a look at President Zelensky's appearance at the 2022 Grammys here:

Take a look at President Zelenskyy's appearance at Grammys 2022

Take a look at President Zelenskyy's appearance at Grammys

In a powerful message to those who watched his speech at the Grammy Awards, as well as around the world, Zelensky added: "We defend our freedom. To live. To love. To listen. Silence with your music! Fill it out today to tell our story. Tell the truth about this war on your social media, on TV. Support us in any way you can. Any, but not silence."

After delivering the Ukrainian President's speech, John Legend took to the podium to pay tribute to the situation in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion as he sang alongside Ukrainian musicians Syosanna Eglidan and Mika Newton and poet Lyuba Yakimchuk. The singer's performance was marked by a backdrop of images of the war-torn country.

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