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Top 10 Most Handsome Men in the world in 2022

Every year, fans of famous celebrities wait for the list of the most handsome men in the world to see their favorite star on the list. Sure, a woman has beauty, but a man has charm. There are some men in the world who grab people's attention as soon as they walk into a room. Among the men on the list are actors, models, singers and other famous people. The men who appeared in the Top 10 Men in the World were judged based on their careers, looks, charm, and how they put up with their overall personality. Read this article below to find out if your favorite character made it to the list of the 21 most handsome men in the world.

No. 1 – Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung

BTS was shaking the world these days. One of his co-stars, Kim Taehyung, ranked first on the list. He is now officially the most handsome man of 2021. Known as Kim Taehyung, he left actors like Hrithik Roshan, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise far behind in the race. V is often seen being pressured by his style and his taste in clothes. On the work front, the boys of BTS are also set to take part in a Global Citizen live broadcast for the first time. This means that your performance will continue for 24 hours. This show will take place with live audiences around the world, including Central Park in New York.  

No. 2 - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was ranked second in the list of the 21 most handsome men in the world and has been part of various film genres, from thrillers to comedies. As for his future project, it seems that Brad will stop working this year, but will appear in movies like Babylon and The Lost City D in 2022.  

No. 3 - Noah Mills

Noah Mills

Canadian model and actor Noah Mel is officially considered the third most handsome man in the world for 2021. The 38-year-old began his career as a model and actor in 2003 and has since worked on projects such as Brave and the Enemy within. Noah was also named the Top 10 Male Models of All Time by Vogue in 2014. 

No. 4 - Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

English actor Robert Pattinson ranked fourth in the list of the 10 most handsome men in the world. He has starred in several big budget and independent films. Apart from appearing on the list of the most handsome men in the world. Pattinson has also been featured on Time magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. He has also earned a spot on the Forbes 100 list of celebrities.  

No. 5 - Omar Borkan Al Gala

 Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Burkan Al-Jalaa is an Iraqi model, actor and photographer. He came to LimeLight after being asked to leave a festival in Riyadh for being "too handsome. Now he is the fifth most handsome man in the world." After Omar's story went viral on social media, he was asked to give interviews and subsequently appeared on the cover of various magazines as The Most Handsome Arab Man in the World. 

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No. 6 - Hrithik Roshan

 Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is an Indian actor with handsome looks and tremendous dancing skills. He was named the sixth most handsome man in the world. He is one of the highest paid actors in India and has received many awards for his acting including the prestigious Filmfare Award. From 2012 to the present, he has appeared on several Forbes lists. He was also featured in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list.  

No. 7 – Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Against all odds, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has become the seventh most handsome man in the world. Justin was born in 1971 and is currently the 23rd Prime Minister of the country. He came to power in 2015. He was president of the Katinarak youth charity and was also a director of the worthless Canadian Avalanche Association. 

No. 8 – Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, a name that everyone probably knows. He was ranked as the eighth most handsome man in the world for 21 years. He is an American actor and producer. The last movie of his was Mission: Impossible Fallout 2018. He will later appear in the next installment of the Mission: Impossible series which will be released in 2022. 

No. 9 – Chris Evans

 Chris Evans

Christopher Robert Evans, better known as Chris Evans, is the most popular among children because he is the actor who played Captain America in the series of the fantastic cinematographic universe. The 40-year-old actor appeared in the list of the 10 most handsome men in the world 21. He worked in MCU movies from 2011 to 2019 as Captain America. 

No. 10 – Henry Cavil

Henry Cavil

Henry Cavill is the 10th most handsome man in the world according to a recently published list. He is a British actor known for playing the grandson of Charles in the Tudor family. He played Superman in the DC comic character and also played Sherlock Holmes in the recently released Netflix movie Enola Holmes.

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