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Rashmika Mandanna to Samantha Akkineni: South celebs with their dogs

Do you ever follow your favorite celebrities on social media and freak out every time you see photos of them cuddling with their furry friend? While celebrities walking around town with their pets are often clicked on, it would not be wrong to say that celebrity pets are becoming more and more popular on social media with huge followings.

Not only do they have fangs, but stars like Rashmika Mandana, Samantha Akinini and others share a very close relationship with them. Although they sometimes have to spend a lot of time apart due to work and filming, they make sure to be with each other whenever possible.

Take a look at South Indian celebs who are doting parents to their cute doggos:

Samantha Akkineni has become a proud pet mom for the second time after welcoming a new member to her family. The actress bought a new puppy house and named it Sasha. In her comment, the actress wrote that she has cleaned Sasha's pee more than 19 times since this morning, but she does not complain about it. In the photo, little Sasha can be seen lounging adorably on her mom Samantha's lap. The actress's first pet hashish is also in the frame.

Samantha Akkineni with her dogs


Rashmika Mandana, a self-confessed dog lover, is the best pet parent among South Indian celebrities. The 'National Crush of India' became a dojo mother in June this year after she brought her pup Hala back home and the two have been inseparable ever since. Don't you believe us? Check out Rashmika's Insta page that has morphed into a #Dogstagram over the past few months!

Rashmika Mandanna National Crush Of India

Rashmika Mandanna with her dogs

Arjun Reddy Hitmaker Vijay Deverakonda is easily the sexiest dog dad we have in southern cinema. The 32-year-old's pet is a Siberian Husky. Storm Cutie Certificate No. 1. Don't you agree?

Arjun Reddy with his dog

Unbreakable Bond on Sale! PDA Prithviraj Sukumaran with the Zorro furball is too cute to miss! The actor loves to cuddle up with Zoro and is often seen spending time with him.
Prithviraj Sukumaran

How much tenderness is tenderness? Ram Charan shares a close relationship with his furry friend whom he named Pratt. It was his wife Obasna who gave him a dog for his birthday, in 2013. "My true feelings come out when I'm with a puppy, and I can be with him, sometimes we go swimming and he even comes to groups," Ram spoke once. about her love affair with Pratt.

Ramcharan  Ntr

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