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Britney Spears Announces Engagement To Boyfriend Sam Asghari

Pop princess Britney Spears on Sunday announced her engagement to her boyfriend Sam Asghari via social media.

Spears, 39, showed off a diamond ring in an Instagram micro-video post and wrote "I can't f***ing believe it!!!!!!!"

By her side in the video is her boyfriend -- now fiance -- Sam Asghari, whom she turns to and kisses on the cheek.

"Look at that -- you like it?" Asghari, 27, asks.

"Yeah!" Spears squeals in delight.

 Congratulations came and more than 1.6 million people liked the post on Sunday night.

"Congratulations love! How happy you are! Welcome to the club!" The famous heiress Paris Hilton said in a comment to the video.

Asghari's Instagram page features a simple photo of him kissing Spears raising her hand and ring finger to show off her new glamor.

Spears and Asghari met in 2016 when they co-starred in a music video for their single "Spider Party".

Spears has two children with her ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federline, and was married briefly in Las Vegas to childhood friend Jason Alexander who was called off after just 55 hours.

The star rose to fame as a teenager with songs like "...Baby One More Time," but suffered a very public meltdown in 2007, as she attacked a paparazzi's car at a gas station.

This led to her being placed under a court-ordered guardianship, largely governed by her father, Jamie Spears.

He soon returned to acting, released three albums, appeared on various television shows, and earned a residency in Las Vegas.

But in January 2019, she suddenly announced that she would be suspending her shows until further notice and was increasingly talking about guardianship.

In July, she made an offer to remove her father from 13-year-old  guardianship, which she claimed amounted to "abuse," and in early September, Jamie Spears petitioned to end the guardianship.

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