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11 Best Kurta Pajama for men Styles From Indian Celebrities

The Kurta Pajama for men's fashion was deeply rooted in the Indian subcontinent before the partition and then when Pakistan and India parted, the kurta pajama lovers broke up too, but the love for this style never dies. Still lives in India and its people. Men across Asia have loved to wear kurta pajamas since the beginning of time, whether they are men in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh.

The kurta pajama design style dates back to Central Asia, but with the passage of time, the kurta pajama has become the identity of Indian and Pakistani men. With the increasing influence of modern fashion, cuts, and stitches, kurta pajama has evolved in its meaning, but the roots of straight pajama and straight kurta design have not changed. Styles have evolved from fitted straight pajamas to slightly looser pajamas for better movement and comfort, but the essence of the outfit hasn't changed over the years.

No matter how Western Asia becomes, It will never lose its true love of kurta sleepwear.

Kurta Pajama design

Latest Kurta Pajama design from Bollywood

Indian male celebrities have worn and presented the kurta pajama nationally and internationally as their own, and it certainly is. The kurta pajama style that originated from Central Asia has gained its true essence in India. Different people from different regions of India have taken the kurta pajama in their own way. From Lucknowi kurta pajamas, to Pathani, to Agra kurta pajamas, Bhopali, and the popular and beloved Hyderabadi style kurta pajama from Agra. Men have worn and loved to wear and wear kurta pajamas forever.

Whether it is a regular and always classic white kurta pajama, medium length, long or colorful, any Indian man or Indian celebrity can easily wear it. Indian men have been wearing kurta pajama since their childhood and have seen celebrities and other men also wear them. Believe me, no one can go wrong with wearing kurta pajama. Let's start with some tips on how to wear kurta pajama:

  • Use it as you have it. It was the dress of your great-grandparents.
  • You can add a lot to the kurta and make it look modern, so don't be afraid to experiment with different accessories and styles.
  • Add a turban and a suitable sangeet outfit or mehndi will be done.
  • Add a winter jacket and you've got that modern royal look.
  • For heavy-bodied men, choose a kurta that suits you and you will surely be able to take it off.
  • Be it straight pajamas or churidars, a straight kurta will appear with both.
  • Invest in a pair of high-quality white pajamas that you can pair with literally any kurta.
  • While white pajamas look best with light-colored kurta, you should also invest in some quality black pajamas that you can pair with any dark-colored kurta.
  • If you wear a jacket over a kurta pajama, try matching the color of your shoes with it for a balanced look.
  • You can always liven up a simple kurta pajama with accessories the right way.
  • Now let's share some stylish kurta pajama styles for you of the most popular and lovable Indian male celebs, without further ado, let's continue.


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01 - Amitabh Bachchan Style

Who can age more safely than Mr. Bachchan! The way her statement kurta was paired with white pajama and velvet gold loafers with golden fringe. The shoes sure uplifted the cute look, adding the youthful and lively vibes for which they are known.

kurta pajama design for men

Here's another look at Big B, where he is once again seen enhancing a simple look with the right choice of accessories. This time around, his silver jet stole all the spotlight at Ambani's wedding in 2019. The basic black kurta is everyone's favorite, so check out the 26 best black pajamas for men of 2019.

 Bachhan style black kurta design for men

02 - Varun Dhawan Yellow Silk Kurta

Who says men can't throw on a brightly colored kurta? Varun Dhawan is seen here defying all the traditional stigmas with dark-skinned men and brightly colored kurtas. And oh man, does he look totally handsome, heck yeah! Varun Dhawan was seen wearing a short, button-down silk kurta in a promotion for his next movie, and a bright yellow jacket on top, and he took it off with absolute perfection and ease. Since summer weddings are around the corner too, nothing beats a silk straight kurta topped with a chic but elegant blazer, and voila, you guys are all set for the summer wedding. In addition, Varun was spotted wearing this elegant kurta outfit with sweatpants, which is a summer staple. I love this look, I don't know about you

Varun Dahvan style yellow silk kurta pajama design for men

03 - Kurta Pajamas With Kartik Aryan Jacket

Hats off to Kartik Aryan for wearing the most sporty kurta pajama look we've ever seen. The distinctive design and design of this kurta are so stunning that if you wear it on any occasion, you are sure to be the talk of the event. The black velvet jacket features Pegasus detailing, making it a must-have for anyone who loves to have an eye-catching cut. As the kurta and blazer are very attractive, the look was balanced out by wearing simple white pajamas because nothing else would have made them look over the top. Last but not least, black suede loafers complement the whole look and especially the jacket. This is definitely one of the best looks we've seen in a long time.

 Kurta Pajamas With Kartik Aryan Jacket

04 - Ranbir Kapoor Black and White Kurta Pajama

White has really been a trend this year and with this Ranbir Kapoor outfit, a lot we love is happening. The asymmetrical jacket paired with the white self-printed kurta provides us with some major fashion goals. However, this is a very rude look and may not be something everyone can wear. If you are looking for inspiration for bridal wear, here are the best kurta pajama styles for men for weddings.

 Ranbir Kapoor Black and White Kurta Pajama

05 - Shahid Kapoor's simple but brutal costume

As mentioned earlier, nothing can go wrong with a black or white kurta pajama. The handsome Shahid Kapoor has proven it guys. All in all, the black-colored kurta pajama is something that almost all men will have in their wardrobe, especially black lovers. It is the appropriate ethnic outfit for any festival, be it Diwali, Holi, or a wedding. Straight pajama and straight kurta is the basic kurta pajama style that all modern kurta pajama styles are all about. The plain kurta pajama is as versatile as possible, a printed and colored blazer on top, a blazer or a coat, add a turban or wear it as is, this outfit says it all on its own. Celebrities are seen wearing and worshiping this ethnic outfit on their trips and occasions abroad, which without adding anything is as trendy as it is traditional. I cannot say enough or less about this outfit, I am sure that almost every Indian man knows the importance of a simple black kurta pajama in their wardrobe.

Shahid Kapoor's simple but brutal costume

06 - Asymmetric kurta

What has been seen wearing the Indian male celebrities in recent times is the side cut kurta and straight pajama. I must say, a great modern twist on the traditional kurta pajama style. While keeping the true essence of straight kurta and straight pajama alive, it also gives it a whole new look. It looks more like a royal dress than a kurta pajama due to the side ruffles and slit. These side-cut kurtas are usually seen to be worn in a minimalist style by celebrities and are often paired with a jacket to make it look totally modern and on-trend. However, it is the same kurta and straight pajama that all men wear all the time. Here Angad Bedi was seen effortlessly flaunting the cut side of her kurta and straight pajama with the love of her life, Neha Dhupia.

Asymmetric kurta

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07 - kurta pajama with jacket

Basic and always lovable now aged but still same old and lovable kurta pajama with jacket. For me, absolutely nothing has happened, and nothing can beat the traditional kurta pajama with a jacket. In the early days, the jacket was loose and straight compared to these days when jackets were more snug and snug. Perfectly suitable for any wedding event, festive party, gathering, or desi party. With the true essence of tradition, celebrities are seen wearing the same style of blazer and straight kurta pajamas. Saif Ali Khan, Nawab himself, took off his kurta pajama and wore the blazer in his own style. And oh boy, oh boy, did he not babble on the road, for sure! Nawab was inspired by the always stylish Saif Ali Khan and thought you could wear a kurta pajama and a white jacket too. And speaking of Nawabi looks, here are the latest Jodhpuri suit designs for men.

 kurta pajama design with jacket

08 - Round Edges Medium Length Kurta Pajama

In September last year, Shahid Kapoor was seen wearing a midi-length kurta pajama with an apple cut, and now I totally dig this style. Comfortable, easy on movement, trendy and elegant kurta pajama can be worn for any occasion, summer gathering, wedding event, winter Diwali party, or Holi party with a jacket thrown in, this outfit is basic but add pathani touch with apple cut kurta and straight pajama or churidar. Shahid Kapoor sure looked classy in this outfit and has been giving us big goals in kurta pajama outfits ever since. This medium-length apple cut kurta pajama is now a wardrobe must-have for you guys.

black kurta design

09 - All White Straight Lucknowi Kurta

Kurta Lucknowi, my favorite! Nothing like a lightweight, chicken, embroidered kurta, and straight pajama. Relieve the feelings of Manto from the earliest days of India, specifically Agra and Lucknow. The adorable and basic Lucknowi Straight Kurta Pajama is all you need for a summer wedding or reunion. This outfit speaks volumes about itself, both traditional and modern. That's all there is to it is a turban and sunglasses. Nobody but Ranveer Singh who has a clean shave can do it better. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's suits at the airport after the wedding were all we were living for. They gave us the main goals of the team in their day. Every Indian man should have Lucknowi Straight Kurta Pajama in his wardrobe to flaunt a summer gathering, sangeet performance, or mehndi. For Holi, these Lucknowi kurtas are the most preferred, they fit great with their straight cut, as well as being lightweight and easy to move around. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are seen side by side here, which gives us two goals on the line. Desi outfit.

 All White Straight Lucknowi Kurta

10 - Ranveer Singh Long Kurta Pajama

There is no outfit that Ranveer Singh cannot wear easily. From kurta pajamas to salwar kameez, IIFa fur jackets, and floral and striped coats too, she's a complete fashion diva. That's why everything that a fashion icon wears becomes new. In Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's airport suit after their wedding, a color matching the love of his life was seen again (heart eyes only) wearing a light pink kurta pajama with small white embroidery. around the neck. This sophisticated and colorful summer outfit totally rocked it without a doubt. Pink kurta pajama suit can be easily worn by any Indian man after Ranveer Singh modeled it. So don't shy away from the light or bright kurta kids, it's clearly the new thing now.

 Ranveer singh long kurta design for men

11 - Short length kurta pajamas

Sweetheart with a million-dollar smile, Aditya Roy Kapoor was seen wearing a short button-down kurta with straight pajama and looked absolutely gorgeous. Short-length kurta pajamas, sometimes with a jacket, have always been the go-to for male Bollywood celebrities. Be it Sav Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Akshay Kumar, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, or any other male celebrity, they have been seen wearing a short kurta and straight pajamas all over the place, movie promotions, wedding events, or any other festival. They definitely know how to deal with it. The kurta pajama is versatile and traditional as it is, whether you wear it layered or, as it is, it conveys the true essence of Indian ethnic wear. With little or no effort, you have the perfect designer dress to wear.

aditya roy kapoor short length kurta design for men

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