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PV Sindhu first Indian women to win 2 Olympic medals and the men's hockey team

"She's coming home," she got an Indian makeover on Sunday. The spirit of the old world and the new age of the rise of women gave it a completely homey flavor.

That is how. The Indian hockey team, first, has been rekindling long-forgotten Olympic nostalgia by reaching the semifinals nearly half a century later, when a significant portion of our current population had yet to be born. Coming, appropriately enough, at the expense of our former imperial masters, Britain, the 3-1 victory fluently tells us that India is a victory away from claiming a corner of the Olympic Stadium that was once our living room, complete with a bamboo. sofa - laying A black and white television behind a crochet cover and medallions on the shelf above.

PV Sindhu won Bronze

So just as important if not more so PV Sindhu would claim to be India's best Olympic singles athlete, across genders and possibly generations too. Her face was a strange mix of calm and threat, on Sunday Sindh was in the mood to take no prisoners, taking down the stunned China He Bing Jiao in less than an hour to claim her second Olympic medal, an equally precious one. this time the bronze followed the silver from the river. "I'm on Cloud Nine," he declared later, but also spoke of an unwavering ambition, "I had so many feelings running through me, should I be happy to have won bronze or sad to have missed the opportunity to play in the end? ? "

As a double medalist, Sindhu, tall and easy to smile, was emulating the Olympic achievements of Sushil Kumar. The former fighter is currently incarcerated in Tihar Prison and was not allowed to watch the Olympics on television until after a special request from the authorities. Sushil was putting the world at his feet, letting it slip from our grasp. Something to tell you, that the Indian athletes, constantly aware of their struggles, the ever-increasing glass ceilings, and the institutionalized patriarchy they have to overcome on a daily basis, will appreciate his position even more. The medals now won by Indian women at the Olympics are eight, and three in Tokyo alone. Wrestler Vinesh Phoghat has not yet stepped onto the mat.

Men's hockey team in semifinals at tokyo olympic

There was a time when the Indian hockey team in the medal rounds at the Olympics received as much as the current Chinese dominance in the sports arena. There was a time when the winners in India were men, and our women, girls, too. With Indian women now making the decisions, it only makes sense that we follow the path that she shows us. As for hockey, don't let Manpreet Singh and his group of wrestlers feel burdened by the crushing burden of history. Fortunately, they, like all those who were late, were oblivious to what we were kings.

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