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Bigg Boss Today- What Rakhi Spreads Laughing gas in Biggboss 14 House?

So here’s all you must know about today’s Biggboss Captaincy task named “Duck & Danna Task” where Rakhi seems to be the most entertaining and funniest contender in a captaincy task. Kashmera Shah, Nikki Tamboli, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan are the captaincy contenders for the first round. They are Ducks and other housemates have to feed them Danna and one contender will have the maximum Danna with his or her will be the winner of the respective round. Rubina will be Sanchaalak for the batch one round.

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Rakhi Sawant will be the most entertaining and funniest during the task which left everyone laughing like she spread laughing gas in the house with her entertainment. Rakhi Sawant will be a winner of round 1.

As we can see from the day Nikki Tamboli enters the house she and Kashmera Shah are at loggerheads with each other and today during  Duck and Danna Task Nikki Tamboli and Kasmera Shah will be in the other huge fight with each other where Kashmera shah claims that “Nikki ne mujhe laat mari” where Rubina supports Nikki. What do you think Nikki really did this to know what Biggboss will do on this  and for all the live updates of Biggboss do follow “ALL DAT MATTERZ” and never news of Big Boss 14. 

As we can see Rakhi Sawant entered in Biggboss 14  as a challenger for other contestants who were already participated from day one. People are loving her and enjoying her in the show as she is entertaining and a kinda funny person. She was welcomed in Bigboss 14 with other challengers Arshi Khan, Vikas Gupta, Manu Punjabi, Kashmira shah, Rahul Mahajan.

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Rakhi Sawant is a complete entertainment package in the house. What you guys think do comment and let us know?

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