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Kangana Ranaut tweeted in respond to YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s video on her

Entertainer Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter today to respond to Youtuber Dhruv Rathee's video where he discussed the entertainer being fraudulent regarding the destruction drive by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation at her office property.

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Blaming Dhruv Rathee for taking cash for a similar video, Kangana answered a post of a writer movie producer who had at first mutual, "ATTENTION: A major YouTuber with more than 4m subscribers has just been paid 65 lac Rs to make an analytical video “exposing the role of SSR’s family in his death”. Deadline given to him is 1-2 weeks. The same YouTuber was earlier hired to target Kangana & Arnab," without referencing any name.

To this Kangana tweeted now, "Haha well done @ErayCrof course this dimwit gets money to make fake videos I can get him behind bars for lying about BMC notice for my house in his video for which he got paid 60 lakhs, why will anyone lie openly about legal matters unless not given government support or money."

Prior, Dhruv had reacted to the producer's tweet and stated, "Lol, is this bulls**t fake news referring to me? First of all no one paid me any money to make the Kangana video. Secondly, I’m not planning to make any video on SSR. And thirdly, I really wish my sponsoring fees were 30 Lakh per video, how rich would I be."

Not long after this, the client responded saying, "One: I’ve not named anyone. If you feel it’s you, you’re welcome. Two: About your fees & deals, @dhruv_rathee— I will definitely talk about it, but my focus is not that as of now. So wait for a while. Three: Am glad you dropped the vid, or not planning now. You answered it."

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