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Instagram targets TikTok makers in India when it starts testing reels

Instagram has announced that it is testing the new short video sharing feature, Reels, in India. The social media giant has said it is collaborating with several Indian content creators from popular platforms like TikTok and YouTube to populate content on Reels. India is the fourth country after Brazil, France, and Germany, where Reels is currently being tested. The feature will be launched for users in India from 7:30 pm. Today IST, when users can watch entertaining videos posted by creators like Radhika Bangia, Jahnavi Dasetty, aka Mahathalli, Indrani Biswas, aka Wondermunna, Ammy Virk and more. This new development comes almost a week after the government imposed TikTok ban.

Pulleys feature included in Instagram app. To create Instagram reels, the user will need to open the in-app camera option. After clicking Rollers from the bottom of the screen, the app offers several easy-to-use tools for recording and editing 15-second video.

Creators can choose to use in-app music tracks, or even use custom audio for their videos. There are also options to speed up or slow down video portions. There is an alignment option that helps creators keep their position in front of the camera, while recording several pieces in one video. It also has a variety of augmented reality effects that can be used to make videos more enjoyable.

While testing in other countries, Instagram received feedback from creators as they demanded a separate space to explore and post their spheres. So, the app introduces a custom Reels section on the Explore page where users can watch videos from different creators. Like IGTV, users will also have a reel section on their profile page, where they can view all their content at once.

According to Facebook India's Vice President and CEO Ajit Mohan, videos represent a third of all Instagram posts in India. Other than that, about 45 percent of your videos are 15 seconds or less.

Producer Vice President Vishal Shah Facebook, who described Rails as "the future of entertainment", said Riles' primary goal is to drive Indian content creators and help them become potential "global stars".

Instagram says it works with creators and public characters to fill out Reels content. When the test runs, users can watch content posted by friends like Ammy Virk (3.3 million TikTok fans), Gippy Grewal (1.7 million), Arjun Kanungo (1.5 million), Radhika Bangia (5.4 million), RJ Abhinav (1.6 million) and Indrani Biswas, also known as Wonder Munna (630,000 YouTube subscribers).

While in the testing phase, Instagram Reels is expected to become a strong contender for Indian TikTok competitions like Chingari, Mitron, Moj and Roposo. Many TikTok creators have already switched to Instagram, and have asked their followers to catch up on the latest content in the app.

From now on, Instagram plans to learn more from the testing phase and from the creators themselves. Monetization options are also expected to be offered once Reels takes off in India. No official announcement date has been announced yet.

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