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Possibility of Renaming of iOS to iPhoneOS Ahead of WWDC 2020

Apple's iPhone and iPod touch run on the popular iOS, and before the WWDC 2020, the possibility to change the iOS name to iPhoneOS was reported. The Cupertino giant unveiled iPadOS last year, and is now said to be planning to rename iOS. While other software under the Apple umbrella bears the name of the product, iOS remains the only program that does not follow this format. So just to keep the naming going across all platforms; It will not be very difficult for Apple to rename its popular iPhone OS. WWDC 2020 is scheduled to start on June 22 this year.

The famous YouTuber, Jon Prosser, has posted an encrypted tweet making fun of the name being changed to the iPhone OS. Prosser's tweet indicates that Apple is considering switching iOS to iPhone OS. Apple usually discloses all of its new software through WWDC to developers to start testing and improving their apps, so WWDC seems to be the time to announce the change.

This claim gained more weight than Max Weinbach's hint, who responded by claiming that his head was somewhat similar. All these tips on the possibility to rename the program in WWDC.

WWDC 2020: What can we see at Apple's conference next week?
While the iPhoneOS name will be fine with the iPhone, iOS is also used on the iPod touch. Therefore, it is unclear whether the iPhoneOS name will also be used with the iPad touch or if Apple also has an iPodOS.

In addition to changing the name, Apple will preview its new software updates, which are likely to be called iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS 10.16, as well as introduce new development tools. AR-based improvements can be expected.

WWDC can also see some device versions. In 2017 Apple brought the HomePad while the Mac Pro was launched in 2019. This trend can continue to bring in some new device releases this year. These ads will most likely take place in the special offer that will take place at 10 am. PDT (10:30 PM local time) on Monday 22 June.

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