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Lonar lake of Maharashtra Mysteriously turns Pink:

Lonar lake is the world’s third-largest crater formed because of a meteoroid strike, which has turned its color mysteriously. This change in the color of the lake from the green to reddish pink has gone unexplained so far. Buldhana district collector Suman Rawat Chandra posted a picture and twitted that, “ Lonar lake currently… wonders of nature... looks like a algae bloom primarily, but microbiologists can tell exactly about it.” she said.

The photos of the lake have been viral all over the social media sites.

Some officials suggest that this change in color is visible from the past three days, it was said that this lake is quite popular amongst the tourist and due to this pandemic the tourism has been stopped which has made this lake more saline as compared. The conservative authorities working said that, the pH of this lake was 10.5 and now due to no one visiting the lake has become more saline, the algae deposits in the lake might have changed the color. It was said that since there is no oxygen below 1 km in the lake which might have changed it all. There is a lake in Iran where water becomes red in the lake due to increase in the salinity.

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