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Oscar Awards 2020 : Full list Of Winners in the 92nd Academy Awards

Oscar Awards 2020 : Full list Of Winners in the 92nd Academy Awards


The ACADEMY AWARDS, popularly known as Oscars are awards for various art related work done in the entire film industry. It happened on 10th February 2020, at Dolby theatres ,in LA California, United States of America. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented with the help of networking company named American Broadcasting Company. Various categories were present with close competing nominees in each category. From best actor this year to best costume designers, every category has a unique winner and every winner is justified by the amazing work they have done.

Let us take a look on the ones who drove Oscars home this year.

1. Parasite – Best picture

Bong Joon-ho,  Kwak Sin-ae directed this picture won the title of being the best among all the other nominations.

2. Joaquin Phoenix, Joker – Best Actor

Commonly known and loved as Joker, Joaquin Phoenix won millions of hearts and ended up being the best actor.

3. Brad Pitt – Best Actor in a supporting role

The absolutely stunning man, Brad Pitt won this title for his movie ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood.’

4. Renee Zellweger, Judy – Best Actress

She won this title for her movie ‘Judy’ under the direction of Rupert Goold

5. Laura Dern, Magic Story – best supporting actress

The comedy-drama film, Marriage Story Gave the American actress, director, film producer. The chance to grab her Oscar home.

6. Bong Joon-Ho , Parasite-Best Director

The south Korean film maker who is famous for his genre mixing Black Humour and social theme based movies won this award on the 92nd academic award ceremony.

7. Hildur Gudnadottir, Joker-Best Original Music Score

The drama thriller movie Joker directed by Todd Phillips won the award for best original music score at the ceremony.

8. Toy Story 4-Best Animated Feature

The fantasy adventure based film directed under Josh Cooley, written by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and various other writers won the best animated film.

9. Han Jin-won and Bong Joon-Ho, Parasite-Best Original Screen Play

The drama mystery film got various other Oscars due to the amazing screenplay done by both of the above mentioned people.

10. Parasite-Best Foreign Language Film

It is the first south Korean film to be nominated for the best picture as well as to win this price.

11. American Factory-Best Documentary feature

The film under participant production company directed by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar won the title for the best documentary.

12. Taika Waititi , Jojo Rabbit -Best Adapted Screenplay

The New Zealand film maker and actor Taika Cohin professionally known as Taika Waititi won the title for best adapted screenplay.

13. Roger Dekins , 1917-Best Cinematography

The english cinematographer Roger Alexander Dekins received this award at the 92nd academy award 2020.

14. 1917-Best Visual Effects

The action drama based film directed under Sam Mendes won the price on the ceremy.

15. Jacquelin Durran-Best Costume Design

The British costume designer won this title for the movie called little women which was a historical drama period film.

16. Nancy Haig and Barbra Ling –Best Production Design

The two producers won this tittle for the comedy-drama film ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood.’

17. Hair Love – Best Animated Short Film

Matthew A. Cherry and Bruce W. Smith directed short film which was for a duration of 7 minutes won this title under the production of Karen Rupert Toliver and Matthew A. Cherry.

18. The Neighbors’ Window – Live Action Short Film

Marshall Curry directed and produced this film based on a middle-aged woman along with Julia Kennelly amd Jonathan Olson

19. Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone(if you’re a girl) – Best Short Documentary

The thirty-nine minutes documentary of young Afgan girls struggling to read, write, and  skateboard in kabul

20. Andrew Buckland – Best Film Editing

The South-African award winning playwriter, performer, film director and mime performer Andrew Frederick won the best film editor for Ford v Ferrari which is an action drama movie.

21. Stuart Willson – Best Sound Mixing

The Scottish engineer working in featured films got this award for the film 1917 and has also been nominated for six other academy awards.

22. Donald Sylvister – Best Sound Editing

Donald Don Sylvister is an US based sound designer who won this award for Ford v Ferrari this year at the Academy awards.

23. Kazuhiro Tsuji – Best Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

The Japanese born American man specialised in makeup effects and is a visual artist, he won this award for the bio graphical fim Bombshell.

 All the above mentioned artists have been working hard in their fields from a long time. Oscars are one of the biggest dreams any person in this field sees and wishes to fulfil. It is rightly said that a dream without a plan is just like bird without no wings or a car with with punctured wheels, you cannot fly and neither can you can proceed your journey..

We would like to Congratulate all the above mentioned winner and wish them luck.

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