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Bosch entering babies market with E-strollers 

Bosch entering babies market with E-strollers 

Electronics has made our lives so easy that it has become an inseparable part of our daily life. Being utilized in almost every field, it has helped grownups in many areas of their lives. Now imagine the electrified transport for babies too, which will make it easier for parents to take their babies out without any inconvenience and with better safety & security.

Bosch, one of the leading engineering firms for making hardware tools for automobiles creates yet another technology that is “Invented for life.” An "e-Stroller" system, unveiled by Bosch, is a promising innovation that uses dual low-noise electric motors and intelligent sensors. It not only reduces the physical effort involved in carrying one’s young ones around, but it also prevents the stroller from going in unintended directions. It will be very smartly designed that it'll automatically study the terrain, it’s rolling on, understanding the steepness of its path and when the stroller is pushed uphill the sensors detect it and increase the power automatically to minimize the efforts by parents uphill; it will also help parents to brake when it senses the stroller being going downhill and keep it on track during lateral slopes. An icing on the cake is if they leave the stroller, the sensors will automatically engage the brakes. Even if one loses control or battle fierce winds, the technology will also bring the stroller to a halt. Won’t it make traveling of parents with their little ones super comfortable and easy?

The stroller also features a USB port which can charge one’s devices, and a Bluetooth connection to one’s smartphone, which can both assess the charge and set an alarm to prevent someone from stealing the stroller. It will have a parking brake as well. The battery system has its own advantage. It is extendable as sometimes the nine-mile range of the stroller alone won't allow for the lengthiest walks by itself, Bosch's design also features 18V replaceable lithium-ion batteries like the ones used in the company's power tools. It can be borrowed in an emergency. If the battery gets discharged, it will become a normal stroller and one can still push the carriage which will certainly require extra effort.

Provision of a complementary app allows owners to use their smartphone to select from three different levels of electric assistance. The app will be activated via Bluetooth communication. The app also allows parents to keep a check on the power left of the detachable battery. The same battery is being used by other Bosch devices like cordless screwdrivers. On being fully charged the range of stroller becomes 15-mile. One should make sure before leaving a home that it’s fully charged to make it run for long distances.

The hardware is suitable for not only single, but also twin and sibling strollers. Bosch won’t be engaged in manufacturing the strollers, but they will just provide the technology to the firms involved in making strollers and these firms will make baby strollers keeping this technology as the main platform. Swedish firm Emmaljunga will be the first firm to partner with Bosch and the market launch of the product is due in early 2020. Bosch expects more companies to come on board. This will surely bring a revolution in this segment making a family journey more fun and convenient.