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greenery to escape addiction

Nature has always played an important character in making people feel stress-free. The lush and green plants along with a mild breeze are just enough to cure any pain and lighten up your heart. A special kind of study called Ecotherapy was developed of the fact that the human mind goes through lesser stress when it becomes close to nature. This can help people take a break from their monotonous work cycles. This rejuvenation is what people in today's world keep running behind. It is very common that people take up breaks and go on vacation trips to hill stations, beachside and other places, where absolute serenity is observed.

Popular addictions 

The current teen generation is addicted to several habits. This includes the usage of mobile phones, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. These addictions harm the health of the individual. Developing teens with a wrong attitude could be highly dangerous to society as well. To recover from these addictions people usually visit rehabilitation centres and take up a high dosage of medicines. This also has several side effects. The withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol are very severe. Most individuals find it very difficult to overcome the effects of withdrawal symptoms. They also find it difficult to reduce cravings for these materials. Despite these efforts, the mind of the individual usually gets tempted and craves for the material they are addicted to.

Natural therapy to reduce cravings 

Nature is always the best medicine that has a solution to all problems in life. This includes drug addiction as well. It is a very common understanding that being outdoors for a while helps an individual maintain good health and well-being. This is attributed by the fresh air and lushness of the greenery outdoors. This was scientifically proved. To analyse this, the green space outside an individuals home was taken into account. It was observed that there was a significant difference among the people who had access to greener surroundings and those who did not. The results showed clear evidence that people who had greener space in their surroundings had reduced cravings for alcohol, drugs, cigarette and other addictive material.

How to adapt this in reality?

People have finally understood the importance of greenery around living areas. Ignorer to enhance this, several steps are being taken up to improve green spaces in residential areas. Putting up a little cactus garden or small potted flower plants or even terrace gardening of vegetables can help an individual reduce carvings for undesirable addictions. Several multi-national companies have also realised the fact that greenery can improve the efficiency of work. That is the reason why these companies include indoor plants in their interior decorations. They keep the employers mind fresh and help them innovate and in turn make them more productive at work. 

Significance of the colour “Green”

The colour green is always believed to have a close relationship with nature. This soothes and eases the mind in most cases. The term lushness, rich and fertile is synonymous with green. It has already been scientifically proved since the olde days that the colour green helps to reduce absent-mindedness or nervousness. It gives a soothing or calm feeling to the mind and helps them relax. This relaxation will indirectly help them forget or reduce cravings for harmful materials. Apart from this, the growth of indoor plants helps to increase the oxygen level in the room. This intern can help maintain a healthier lung through proper blood oxygen supply through blood circulation. When the oxygen level of the blood increases, it reaches the brain. Oxygen fed brain works better with much creativity.  


Ecotherapy is a method of connecting with nature. The human brain expresses less stress and more positive emotions under conditions of high greenery. The lushness also helped to reduce the expression of anger by an individual.

 For example, walking is considered a good exercise. But where you take up the walking session also matters equally.there was an extensive study conducted on human volunteers, to take up walking in different locations. This included malls, cities ridden with pollution and traffic and green pathways. It was found that though the distance covered by all the three volunteers was equal, the volunteer who took up walking in the greener area expressed a more calm and relaxed feeling. 

Also, people who take up fresh and green foods find themselves healthy when compared to the ones who take up the readily available fast food.

By following the principles of ecotherapy and connecting with nature one can reduce cravings for addictive materials. Though there is no clear evidence on how nature works on this, the results from the experiments conducted are pretty clear. The best way to livelong is to connect with nature and express your emotions. A walk in a park is always a better way to relax when compared to coffees in restaurants or a three-hour-long movie. It is a high time people realise the importance of nature and connect with it so lead a healthy, long and happier life.