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All you need to know about the insights of the Latest Octa-Core MacBook Pro launched by Apple

About MacBook

MacBook, a brand of the Macintosh computers is developed by Apple. MacBook models include MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. MacBook looks somewhat similar in appearance to the MacBook Air but it is lighter and thinner. Generations of the MacBook Pro started from 2006 which uses Intel Core Processors in the embedded systems in place of the PowerPC G4 Chips.

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About the Latest Fourth Generation MacBook Pro

Apple is back with its improvised and the most robust laptop MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro is back with some highly known improvements in its configurations as well as the system. Compared to the 2018 model, the new Intel chipsets give the huge amount of speed improvement as well as the processor improvement to the 13 inches as well as the 15 inches MacBook Pro. The electronic equipment that is the part of the internal processing system has come up with the boosting improvisations as well as the accuracy.

Brief Specifications of the MacBook Pro

The top-tier 15 inches MacBook Pro is all about Intel 9th Gen, 45 Watt Core i7 Processor with an updated 4th Generation keyboard with butterfly switch. It has an 8-core processor that speeds up to 5 GHz.  Butterfly switch keyboard is all about the flexibility in typing experience, thinner than the original keyboards of the other PCs & laptops and the reduction in errors as well. Comes with a Silver and Space Grey finishing touch, MacBook Pro has the retina display with a 15.4-inch LED-backlit with in-plane switching technology. Whereas the 13 inch MacBook Pro has a faster 4-core processor that boosts up to 4.7 GHz

The audio system includes 3.5 mm headphone jack and the stereo speakers with dynamically high range whereas the Video system has the Thunderbolt 3 digital video output with the simultaneous support of the resolution as well as the in-built display. Keyboard in MacBook pro has improvised specifications which include integrated Touch ID sensor with Touch Bar, Ambient light sensor, Force touch trackpad that enables precise control over the touch as well as the Multi-touch gestures.

“Whether or not it’s University and the College students mastering a route of examining towards intelligence, developers building international-elegance apps or video editors creating characteristic films, we’re continuously surprised as to how our customers use the MacBook Pro,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac Product marketing.

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The speciality of the MacBook Pro

The speciality about the MacBook Pro is that it comes up with an octa-core processor speeds up to 5 GHz which improvises the performance at least twice better than the 4-core processor and  40 per cent better than its previous core processor i.e. 6-core MacBook Pro and that’s why it is the fastest MacBook known. The attributes of the new octa-core processor in the MacBook Pro includes Radeon Pro 555X graphics with 4GB memory, ultra-fast Solid State Drive (SSD) Technology, full day Battery life with the connection of up to four external Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or two 5k displays. This laptop looks perfect fit for the Music Producers, 3D Designers, Photographers, Video Editors, Programmers, Coders, Developers as well as the Scientists which is all because of the unique and special attributes of the octa-core processor and the operating system.

Price and Availability

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15-inch MacBook Pro are priced at approximately INR 1,60,000 and INR 2,00,000 respectively. The laptops will be available beginning from today itself at the Apple Online Store.

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