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ICC Partners With GoDaddy As Official Sponsor Of The Men's Cricket World Cup 2019

The biggest event that the world is currently looking forward to is the ICC Cricket World Cup and preparations are set at high spirits to make the event a successful one. One major development that took place at the threshold of the event is the partnership between GoDaddy and ICC that declared GoDaddy to be the official sponsor of the upcoming event for which the world is already getting ready. With around two months left for the event to take place, this is surely great news around the business corner of the world.

Leaving a mark behind

GoDaddy is much known for providing a global platform for the upcoming entrepreneurs and this time the biggest event of cricket world, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will be partnered by them with primary sponsorship. This will surely be a life time opportunity for GoDaddy as well with a global exposure through every media involved in this event. The deal boasts the biggest sporting extravaganza in terms of its reach and popularity. GoDaddy will earn a great recognition and will gain the market awareness as the country and beyond will get to watch their physical presence across the grounds.

About GoDaddy

Cricket in India is a much popular game and the country waits eagerly for cricket world cup events. Hence, it provides for an excellent platform that can be tracked to generate better business and to reach millions at a go. GoDaddy already has 18.5 million customers worldwide who they facilitate through their business tools and supports during the early entrepreneurial stages. Hence, GoDaddy is a name that comes first to mind when someone thinks of starting an enterprise. Empowering the entrepreneurial abilities across the globe, Godaddy is currently a recognized name in the world. With this partnership they are expecting an elevated business with a global market acquisition.  They have already announced some of the campaigns integrating celebrities from Cricket World Cup 2019 teams with the brand.

The all-around exposure

From Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets to the Cricket World Cup 2019 fixtures, Godaddy will appear everywhere making its presence more felt in the market. The boundaries, the peripheral area and almost every corner of the 2019 world cup venue will have visible presence of GoDaddy which will give the advantage of brand recall resulting in effective increase in the business volumes. The higher management of Godaddy is expecting a lot out of this star deal. The cricket world cup schedule 2019 and the ICC world cup 2019 groups will have prominent mention of the sponsor making the brand establish a permanent mark.

Earlier to this grand event, GoDaddy has also partnered multiple series and matches of cricket and other sports which prove their enthusiasm in sports. As far as the cricket world cup is concerned, it acts as a perfect bridge between the world cricket enthusiasts and the sport itself. Hence, partnering with such a global sports phenomenon like the world cup will broaden the horizons of operations for GoDaddy.