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The Most Dangerous Doll In The World

The Most Dangerous Doll In The World

Dolls are one of the most common toy children play with. But have you ever heard of the most haunted dolls of the world? Most of you have heard about only one or two incidents about a spooky doll, or have seen dolls in horror movies, but there are many Dolls which are reported for being possessed or have shown significant indications. The first haunted dolls would probably be puppets, voodoo dolls which were used by early people for performing rituals.

 We have jotted down a list of top 10 horror dolls for you to get scared. Turn the lights off, get in the bed and start the countdown.

  1. Annabelle: It is one of the most haunted dolls of the world and ever known reasons could be the recent Hollywood movie Annabelle which was made in 2014. It is kept for display at the Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut. The doll is held in a locked wooden case and is encrusted with holy water. The Warren’s has told that the doll was given to a nurse in 1968, the doll was behaving mysteriously. The nurse was able to indicate these negative symbols, and they contacted the Warren’s. The Warren’s shifted this doll to their museum as they could suspect it to be demonically possessed.
  1. Robert The Doll: It is a life-size doll which was made in the 1900s and was then gifted to Robert Eugene “Gene” Otto who was a painter and author. He received the doll when he was a young boy, Soon his parents and servants began to hear the noises of the boy talking to someone in his room. They could also listen to the noises of toys around the house. They suspect that the doll was a gene; the people who pass by their house could sense the presence of negative energy. The Ottos were so scared that they locked the doll in the attic. After the death of his parents, Robert moved back to his parent's house and found the doll in the attic. It is said that he was spending time with the doll and was even painting in the presence of the doll. Otto's wife was scared of his husband's involvement. After their death, the people who moved into the house were sacred and left it. Robert remained one of the scariest dolls.
  1. Harold The Doll: Harold was created at the turn of the century and was passed on to many hands. He is said to be the most rebellious doll ever seen. Harold is also the first doll to be sold on eBay. He is currently owned by Anthony Quinata, a paranormal investigator and author of the book Harold the Haunted Doll. Harold had kept the doll in store in 2013 but due to the growth of public interest Harold had brought back the doll from the storage and had done investigations. Those who have encountered the doll have felt a headache and also have obstetrics facial changes in the dolls face.
  1. Mandy: This doll is at least 100 years old. It is kept in the Quesnel & District Museum in British Columbia. The anonymous former owner couldn't handle the dolls strange behavior and handed over it to the museum. The owner claimed that babies cries could be heard coming from the doll. Since the doll's arrival in the museum, spooky incidents are observed daily, footsteps are been heard, and things from the museum officials are regularly disappeared.
  1. Amanda: She is a very famous doll which has been sold on eBay 20 times each time the owner has tried to get rid of the doll. It is said that when she is unhappy, she moves around the house and cause a nightmare. She is currently owned by a paranormal investigator who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  1. Okiku: It is a mystery doll said to be possessed by the spirit of a child. The people of Japan are curious about the doll. The doll was named after the girl who used to play with it. The doll resides at the Mannenji temple in the town of Iwamizawa from 1938. It is rumored that the hair of the doll grows from time to time.
  1. Pupa: Pupa’s owner kept her for a long time from the 1920s until the owner died in 2005. The owner told that she was alive and considered her to be a beloved friend. The owner has claimed that Pupa has once ever saved her owner’s life. After the death of the owner Pupa has become very active.
  1. Amelia: She was made by Hamilton Collection in 1994 and was numbered 2225b. She was once auctioned in eBay with the caption that it was not recommended for weak hearted people or kids. The original owner of Amelia claimed that Amelia’s eyes were blue but has changed into a glowing green creepy color. The one who has purchased her said that the doll has waved and giggled at her once.
  1. Letta: Australia’s most haunted doll Let Me Out, or Letta is a 200-year-old gypsy doll which was discovered by owner Kerry Walton in a haunted house. Many paranormal activities have occurred in places where the doll has been taken. Paranormal researchers have claimed that the doll was made from a boy who had drowned. Mr. Walton has stated that the doll has moved in front of 200 audiences.
  1. Joliet: It is famously known as “Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll” it is said that the doll was passed on from generations to generations of mothers of one boy and one girl. It is said that the boy only lived for 3 days and then the doll captures its soul. The cycle has repeated again and again until today it’s with Anna who is the current owner of the doll. Every family member had cared for the doll even when they have lost a boy child; Anna is also not will to part from the cursed doll. Do you know how long this curse will last?