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The Lakme Fashion Week 2019 Is A Memory Hard To Forget!

If you have to live fashion face to face, then there is no better place than the Lakme fashion week for you. Lakme fashion week is one of the best places for you to see new fashion and meaningful fashion as well.

This year we saw the event being held from the 29th of January to the 3rd of February. It is one of the most relevant and expressive years of all. It has brought out so many new fronts in the fashion that one can hardly imagine the same.

Here are some of the major highlights of Lakme fashion week 2019 from the event.

The major highlights:

Day 1 highlights:

Following is the list of the Day 1 highlights of the event:

  • Breathe by Sneha Arora breathed a new life into our fashion senses. We saw some of the marvellous fashions from the house. It is certainly something that we can relish considering it set the start of the event.
  • With Inspired by Art at Lakme Fashion Week bohocalcutta set new parameters in the world of fashion. Along with it we saw the likes of Helena Bajaj Larsen and Ajay Kumar with their unique fashion presentation.
  • Varun Bahl came gushing with a new air to the fashion line. His ready to wear fashion line was inspired by a flower motif. Now if this is not unique, then we don’t know what is. The collection largely spoke about the summers in India. And the sarees set new parameters for the others.
  • Rohit Bal had a collection dedicated to Kashmir. Didn’t he just come up with the ever-beautiful Kashmir flower market on the very ramp? Yes, he did and successfully so.

These are some of the major highlights of the Day 1.

Day 2 highlights:

Following is the list of the numerous highlights from the Day 2 of the event:

  • The day started with the introduction to fashion that represented the well-being of the future. With Reliance and United Nations coming together, we could see a variety of fashion cloths made out of the waste fabrics, and these didn’t look waste at all.
  • The Anita Dongre Tencel collection was one of a kind. It represented the Tencel fabric fashion clothing for the people. These were beautiful to look at and were designed exclusively without a hint of overwork on them. The Lakme fashion week India brought us this opportunity and we are obliged.
  • The Pero by Aneeth Arora represented the hip-hop of the streets. The stage looked nothing short of the charm that hip-hop can offer to the people. There were skateboards and enough punk on the stage to prove the worth of the line.

These were some major highlights from the Day 2 of the event.

Day 3 highlights:

Following are some of the major highlights from the Day 3 of the event:

  • The major highlight of the event day was the fashion house of Esse. They believe in breaking the stereotypes and know how to ask questions. They want to know that what is the reason why people are so judgemental? It is one question that every one of their dresses has asked. And Sahib and Sunaiya have rightly represented the same.
  • Tahweave showed what happens when French architecture meets the 17th Century Indian culture. We saw and we loved. The concept was mind blogging. It captured our hearts and minds entirely. And what we saw stayed with us. The hues and the clothes made us fall for the line.
  • Kanika Goyel’s fashion line managed to stand true to what she believes. She doesn’t want commercial feelings to overtake the right ones. And her clothes shouted the message through the colours and the styles. You cannot ignore these messages for long now, can you?

These are some of the major highlights of the day.

Day 4 highlights:

Following are some of the major highlights of the lakme fashion week day 4:

  • The Real Cut Show was all about some of the exclusive jewellery that one has seen. Fashion jewellery from various houses was available during the event. We couldn’t just get enough of these because of the magnificent characteristics to them.
  • The Rara Avis collection showed us what fashion designers can do with beige. This colour can be used in so many different ways that one can hardly imagine the same. the collection shouted glamour all through the event.
  • Nikhil Thampi brought back our very own and famous Carol Gracias to the stage. It is certainly something that people looked forward to. Also, just like that, the slits were back. These were inspirational slits and you cannot get enough of them.

These are some of the major collections of the event on day 4.

We hope that every year we get to know more about Lakme Fashion Week. We will hate to miss on any of the events at all and so will you.